I have to admit that I am a self-help buff  freak. :). I love the idea of looking within with the goal of leaving better than when I chartered out…moving some stuff in, throwing some stuff out, collapsing this, expanding that… you get the hint. But, here is the caveat about self-help. It does not work without practice. AND it requires patience, commitment, and adaptive problem-solving.

The only way that you know you have transformed is not when things are ideal: when there is nothing that you see that is cute in the store, you have no battling financial priorities, or you have a volume of discretionary income (although some pundits that there is never discretionary income see Michelle Singletary) but when your financial circumstances are complex: you like to shop but you need to save for school, you just got paid and your irresponsible sister asks for a loan, you received a promotion and a raise and the pressure to keep up with the Joneses is surfacing…

In the latest Essence or Ebony, it would be easy to take a quiz on financial theory, tally your score, and label yourself highly financially savvy or literate. There is nothing easy about standing strong in this consumer-heavy, predatory world. But you know that you have learned everything that you can learn about this. Now, it is time for you to get out there and make moves. Will you make mistakes? Possibly! Will you revert to your spending ways when times are tough? Perhaps! Will you be better off, more confidence, more self-authoring, a pleasure to around, an envy to your former unevolved financial self? ABSOLUTELY!

Never Go To War Without Armor

It’s your choice and you can double and even triple-up depending on the financial situation. Choose from any of the following as you build– dollar by dollar, decision by decision, reflection by reflection, YOUR financial future. Solid. Meaningful.

  1. Create and repeat your money mantra.
  2. Do NOT go there if you know you are tempted to spend.
  3. Call your girlfriend to smack some sense (cents) into you.
  4. Leave your wallet at home.
  5. Create a budget and stick to it.
  6. Make it a community efforts.
  7. Ask to speak to the manager. “I am willing to pay…”
  8. Barter with girlfriends.
  9. Pack your lunch.

10. Leave it for 2 days then come back

11. See if you have it in your house already.

12. Clean your house and sell whatever is left.

13. Turn your passions into profit.

14. Marry wealthy. (SIKE! just to see if you’re paying attention)

15. Pay in cash.

16. Stick with big bills.

17. Find several functions for one thing. (Think: Is that a plastic bag or shower cap?)

18. Eat less.

19. Pick up the phone, don’t send a text. (pre-pay it)

20. Ask for sponsor.

21. Stay in.

22. Journal about it.

23. Buy it used/Share it.

24. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

25. Return it if you can.

26. Pay yourself first.

27. Look within instead of around.

If this post really resonated with you and you want to transform how you feel and think about money so you can live your best life, consider money therapy.   

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