Here’s How I Slashed My Dry Cleaning Bill in (More than) Half with Dryel

So on one of those winter days where I could not get to work, I sat there on  my living room couch coming up with ways to declutter, make some money, and get my life in order.

I was itching to prune my wardrobe so I could sell some of my unwanted clothes, see what had to be donated, and what had to be dry-cleaned.

When the Frugal Comes Out of Me

Well, by the end of all my sorting and shifting, I had a mountain of clothes to dry-clean. I estimated at least $200 sitting next to my itty bitty molehill worth of clothes to sell.

Not cute.

Then all of a sudden, my frugal girl claws came out. I was like, “Ummm… no. This makes no sense—to have so few clothes to sell and soooo many to dry-clean.

So, I did what I only knew how to do in situations like these: I hopped on my computer and searched for  affordable alternatives to dry-cleaning and found Dryel. I took a look at the reviews and most of them were positive. So, I decided to order a Dryel Starter Kit from Walmart online, but they were sold out. So, I added myself to the waiting list.

For a moment, I was content to sit and wait for my Dryel to come, but then the larger picture dawned on me: I am not just a consumer, I am a personal finance and lifestyle blogger that helps brown frugal gals like me make the most of their money and their juicy lives.

Why Being Frugal Helps You Live Richer

So,  instead of sitting there, I became active and contacted Dryel directly about having to be on a waitlist (and not liking it) and wanting to try out their products as soon as possible and share my experiences with my community.

Long story short—not only did I get free coupons sent to my house so I could go to Target or Walmart and buy them directly,(here is the link to the Dryel contact, so you can request some coupons, too) I was able to speak directly with Dryel’s PR rep, Megan,  a very nice woman who took my dry-cleaning cost dilemma seriously and to the next level.

She invited me to be Dryel’s newest blog Ambassador, where I can share my experiences with their products and provide my Frugal Feminista fam with seriously DEEP discounts on home-based drying cleaning so they can spend the money saved on something epic and juicy.

Yes, Frugal Feministas, yes! This is my first blog Ambassador gig and I am super stoked.

Being Frugal = Juicy Living

This whole experience with Dryel really showed me the power of being a confident consumer and speaking up. If there is a product that you want to try out, send an email and ask for what you want.

In Antigua, there is a saying, “A closed mouth na get fed.”

In other words, “Don’t ask, don’t get.”

I can’t wait to get my Dryel Starter Kit and share my reviews with you.  With the money that I am saving on dry-cleaning, I can treat myself to a spa-day, beef up my savings, or pay down on my upcoming vacay… the options are endless.

Frugal Feministas- What are you doing to cut your dry cleaning bill? Have you used Dryel? Please spill the tea!

Saving your money and budgeting correctly are two of the foundational tasks needed to take control of your finances.  If you need additional support, I invite you to check out my budgeting course and my savings course.

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