How GirlTrek Creates Habits of Success

So thirteen days into the GirlTrek challenge, I have walked 560 minutes and while it is still early into it, I feel different. There is something in me that feels confident that I will able to finish this challenge in a strong way. And this “ And I am feeling goooood” feeling has everything to do with GirlTrek and the habits of success that I am committing to in my pursuit of my juiciest life.

I have been reflecting on what is it about me and about the GirlTrek movement that is moving me to a higher self. This is what I came up with:

1. Focusing on only ONE goal.

I can get so caught up in the newness and novelty of something and then quickly lose interest. In the case of exercise regimens, I am all wide-eyed and gun-ho… at the beginning. Once an obstacle arises, though, I quickly get discouraged and then give up.

I want to do better and be better. To do better and be better, I created the mantra, “I finish what I start” to keep me focused on my immediate goal and to keep me from piling something else on my plate because it’s sexy and new. I also ask myself, “ Will doing this activity help me finish what I started or hinder me from achieving it?” when I am feeling the pangs of distraction.

2. Tracking Progress

I love that GirlTrek allows me to log how many minutes I have walked everyday. Being an achievement-oriented person, I LOVE to see my minutes grow and see how others are making sense of this health thing. It would be even hotter if there were line graphs and bar graphs. (I know, I can be a real nerd, but Black Girl Nerds Rock, so it is all good. 🙂 )

 3. Scheduling Celebration of Milestones

GirlTrek rewards its ladies with super fly badges like the Ruby Bridges Badge of Courage and the Shotgun Badge after we have walked a certain amount of minutes which translate into miles. To be quite honest, on some days, I am only walking so I can get my badge.  🙂

With all of this walking, I am also motivated by how I plan to reward my commitment. I plan on treating myself to monthly foot massages. I chose foot massage as the ideal gift: I will attend to my health through paying attention to the feet that are keeping me moving and in this game.

4.  Accountability

This blog helps me stay accountable.  I feel that I have a community that is depending on me to make good on my promise. I know that I am inspired when I read of women putting on their big girl panties and pushing through to the other side of their dreams, so I know that others will be inspired as I share my journey toward an improved mind, body, and spirit.

I am SUPER STOKED about who I am becoming throughout this progress.

Frugalistas! Are ya’ll in? 


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