How Periodically Checking Your Reoccurring Payment Plans Can Save You Money

6Recently I went to my cell phone carrier because I was having issues with my phone. I went to the store to explore options to either fix my phone or get a new one.  Right before I left, the associate asked me if I wanted to explore whether my plan fits my needs. Of course I was starting to run low on time and I assumed that he was going to try to upsell me on a plan that I didn’t want.  However, I decided to let him explain my options and I am glad that I did, because he saved me $25 per month.

I learned that my cell phone carrier had recently changed the plans to provide more savings for people who aren’t under contract. People who aren’t under contract do not have a new phone that is being subsidized by the carrier, therefore, the carrier decided to reduce the monthly cost and pass the savings along.  Just by spending a few minutes of my time I was able to secure a $25 reduction to my bill. After I secured this reduction I started to wonder, “how long I had been paying the higher bill when I could have been saving money?”

Many times we set our plans and forget.  Therefore, we need to periodically check in to see what new deals are available or if your plan makes sense according to your consumption.  For example, is your plan appropriate for your usage? Are you paying for more than you use, or you do you go over every month? Also, many times the best deals are for new customers so do your research and be prepared to walk away from your current provider. However, don’t be afraid to leverage your loyalty with the provider to see what you can get. Companies know that it’s cheaper to keep you!

This week, in addition to reviewing your cell phone plan, take a look at all of your reoccurring payments and call the provider to ask if there are plans that could better fit your need or if there are specials that they could apply to your account.  Take this time to being proactive about going after your savings. Be sure to leave a comment to let me know how you did!

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