How to Touch Your Tantra: Interview with Lisa of LifeBliss Solutions
Back in 2007, I was a hot mess: without focus, pinning over some dude, and holding residual anger from a lifetime of accumulated disappointments. But luckily, I knew I needed help. I also knew that I did not want to go the traditional, sterile counselor or therapist route. What I did not know,though, was what I needed was a tantric yoga retreat with a kick-ass black woman until I saw  Lisa’s website and contacted her.
My time with Lisa, as my Tantric Yoga life coach, was one of the most transformative weekends in my life. Tantra Yoga is a system of Hindu yoga which emphasizes the shakti (sexual energy) associated with the female principle and usually characterized kundalini-energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine until it is activated, as by the practice of yoga, and channeled upward through the chakras in the process of spiritual perfection.
 Definitely, money well spent.
During my weekend with Lisa, I tapped into the power of my sexuality, honored my anger, and opened myself to learning about chakras, energy, and self-defining sensuality.
I never forgot about her and the support she gave me. Now that I have created a platform on which to share our stories and resources, I had to interview her.
FNF: How would you describe yourself, Lisa?
I’m a foodie, professional bellydancer, tantra instructor, law school grad, damn fool actor and crazified old skool/new age Sensual Lifestyle Goddess.  I show women how to use passion, creativity, intuition, and sensuality to enjoy a happy,healthy life.
FNF: What’s your story? Why work for yourself? What led you to launching LifeBliss Solutions?
My story:  I stumbled upon tantra when I was looking for ways to add depth and spirit to my dance performances (bellydance). I knew that what I learned was so needed in our community but it was too foreign and strange to market the way I was taught.  So I went on to get my life coaching certification so that I could combine the two–life coaching from a tantric perspective.  I wanted to work for myself originally when I was having difficulty finding a job that really excited me and tapped into my passions, while paying a decent salary.  I love that being an entrepreneur means that the sky is the limit to what we can do to create something that truly makes a difference.
FNF: Was there ever a time that you just wanted to quit LifeBliss Solutions? If so, how did you talk yourself off the edge?
Actually I did quit, kinda.  I had to go back to working an office job when business became very slow and it became harder and harder to balance LifeBliss Solutions with the day job.  But then I decided that LifeBliss Solutions was not structured to work in this economy because it was highly specialized and local only.  So even though I stopped my offerings, I stayed in the loop by changing my website to a blog platform and just providing good information until I am in a better position to offer services.
FNF: What advice would you give to those of us that want to take a passion and transform  it into a business?
Make a business plan that works for you.  Don’t follow one of those bogus templates you just find online because you plan must speak to your own unique business.  It should be an evolving document that you use along the way, not just in the beginning.
FNF: How can women get in touch with you and learn more about tantric yoga?
Twitter: @LifeBliss_Lisa
You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/LifeBlissLisa


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