How to Use CashInMyBag.com to Make Money from Your Unwanted Handbags


business loanOne of the best ways to get out of debt without having to take a second job or work overtime is embrace your “inner sales girl.”


For those you with a closet full of luxury and designer handbags and totes collecting dust, then it’s time to start thinking about ways to recoup some of your money.

I know. I know. It’s hard especially if you LOVVEEE your bags.

Case in point: I have a girlfriend who is BFFs with Louis, Chanel, and Givenchy, but I had to give her some tough love when we started talking about ways to save her house from foreclosure.

Me: “Sell them bags, girl!”

Her: “No, I can’t!”

Me: Being homeless with a Louis ain’t cute.

She gave me a little  super side-eye. But she couldn’t dispute the facts.

Listen, if you’re in debt, have a sickly emergency fund, and zero retirement, then it’s time to be a big girl and make smart decisions about your financial future.

Consider checking out CashInMyBag.com to get started.

Here’s a guide to help you out.

CashInMyBag.com in 4 Steps

Step 1: Get a Quote

screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-7-35-33-pm Get your goods in formation. You have to complete this quick online form honestly and accurately describing your items. (Honesty is the best policy because a luxury expert will eventually inspect the bag once you ship it) Make sure you snap a pic and send a front view clear image.

Review their designer brands list They prefer the brands listed, but if your brand is not listed, please list as “other” on the drop down menu.

Look out for their preliminary quote. Within two business days, their luxury experts will email you a custom preliminary quote.

Step 2: Ship It

Simply package your piece and ship it. Cash In My Bag.com pays for shipping. They send a pre-paid and insured UPS shipping label with the quote.

Step 3: Review the Offer

Once they receive your bags, CashInMyBag.com expert appraisers will inspect them to verify authenticity and inspect their quality and condition.screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-7-49-24-pm

Look out for the final quote. Usually, they will email you a quote. However, if you provide a mobile number, they will notify you by text when your offer is ready. (Please be sure to check you spam filters; occasionally their quotes are blocked.)

Feel confident and comfortable about the sale. The great thing about CashInMyBag.com is that you’re under no obligation to sell. Also, if your bag is authentic and you decide not to part with it, CashInMyBag.com will return your bag at their expense, which is HUGE. (I personally know of sites that require YOU to pay for the return shipping of your items.)

But this generosity has one string attached: if your bag is deemed to be inauthentic, you will be responsible for a return shipping fee. So no funny business, ok?

Step 4: Check Your Mailbox for Your Coins

When you accept CashInMyBag.com’s final quote, they will mail out a check within 24 hours. Yes!!

pretty african woman have fun with her curly hair
Step 5: Use the Cash to Build Wealth and Be Happy

 I know that I said that there would be only four steps to this process. And technically, there are. But this final step is where having an abundance mindset and the will to live in accordance with your values really comes in.

With the money that you’ve made from CashInMyBag.com, your top priority should be build health in any of the following ways:

Start an emergency fund: Every woman needs an emergency fund of at least six months living expenses or net income. The cash from your bag will be a great place to start.

Launch a business: If you already have a strong financial foundation, you may be pivoting from being a saver of money to a maker of money through entrepreneurship. Instead of relying on your paycheck, your credit card, or an angel investor, you can use the cash from selling your bags to invest in your business.

Repay your student loans: Even an extra $100 a month can shave thousands of dollars and years off the life of your loan.

Jumpstart your retirement planning: Here’s some real honest talk. If you have a closet full of handbags and $0 dollars in retirement and you’re out of college, then you’re playing yourself. This money can be used to fund a Roth IRA or an IRA.

Sock away the down payment for a home. If you want to own your own home, coop, or condo, then use the cash to work— as part of your down payment.

 The beauty of having impeccable, high-end taste is that you’ll be able to cash in on your style and put that money toward your new life and money goals.

Frugal Feministas—Are you willing to give CashInMyBag.com a chance? Which handbags are you willing to part with so you can be wealthy and happy?

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. 

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