How to Use Pathmark to Avoid ATM Fees

13One of the most annoying money wasters is ATM fees. Last week, I found myself in an ATM-fee conundrum because I needed cash to get my hair done and didn’t want to use a credit card or pay $3.00 to access my own money.

So, I figured that I would get around wasting $3.00 on nothing by going to Pathmark to purchase an item that I would need and buy anyway and take advantage of their cash back option.

Since I’m on a kale kick and plantain is a stable in my household, I bought those two items which came to less than $3.00.

If you are going to use this money hack, know that Pathmark as a $50 limit for cash back per purchase.

I needed $100 so I told the cashier to ring up the kale and plantain separately. She gave me no problems with the accommodation.

I left Pathmark with my money and the basics for my dinner.

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