How Your Inability to Manage Your Calendar Affects Your Wallet and Your Weight


Recently I heard someone speak and they said that they manage their life according to their calendar. The speaker said that each day they evaluate where they are going, why they are going, and what will happen when they go. This individual asks all of these questions because they understand the importance of managing their time wisely. We only get 24 hours per day, so we have to protect that time and be strategic about how we spend our time.

One of the other benefits of managing our calendar is that it helps us to avoid mindless spending on convenience items. One of the problems that I encountered when my calendar was full was that my food costs went up. I ended up arriving home late, so I couldn’t cook dinner. I found myself running so much over the weekend that I couldn’t even do my food prep for the week which would help me to avoid buying takeout throughout the week. Besides, even if I did have something prepared, chances are I would end up buying a lunch that I could eat quickly in the car between meetings or I would forget my lunch at home because I was moving so quickly in the morning.

My packed calendar not only impacted my budget, it also impacted my ability to eat healthy. I know that my story isn’t unique. Recently I read an article that said that the reason why Americans are overweight is the same reason why Americans are broke – they spend too much money on take out. So, how do we help to mange this problem?

  1. Think before you commit. Many times we agree to meetings or events without thinking about why we are even going. What do we expect to gain? Do we really need to have this meeting or can the work get done in another fashion? Does it have to be done today?
  2. Take time to be alone. Sometimes we just need a little time to recharge our batteries, and to get control over our lives again.
  3. Learn how to say “no.” Often times we end up overextended, out of obligation and the fear of saying no. When we do this, it impacts our ability to engage in activities that bring us the highest level of satisfaction.

Next time you agree to place something on your calendar, remember this post and then re-think whether you can pass. Be sure to leave a comment to let me know what you are going to do differently.

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