Identify Your Spending Triggers

400-04129197This is a guest post from Marsha Barnes, founder of Financial Empowerment and 1/5 of The Frugal Fab 5! Check out her site and join us for our Twitter chat tonight from 8-9pm.-k

by Marsha Barnes

Spending triggers can be a time or day when you tend to spend alot, certain people that seem to cause you to spend, or a mood that makes you want to shop. What’s your spending trigger:

Emotional Spender: You are an emotional spender if certain moods are your big spending trigger. You spend when you are happy/depressed/lonely, etc. Buying stuff makes you feel better.

Impulsive Spenders: You are an impulsive spender if you frequently buy on the spur of the moment without really thinking through why or if you need it.

Compulsive Spenders: If you are a compulsive spender, you spend all the time.

Absentminded Spenders: Absentminded spenders don’t really pay attention to what they’re buying. If you are an absentminded spender, you may get your bank statement and ask. ” How in the heck did I spend all of that?”

Social Spenders: These ladies spend BIG when they’re in a social setting, for example: Around friends, or peers.

It’s on Sale Spenders: You can’t resist the sale. If you see a good deal , you just can’t pass on it.

Reward Spenders: These spenders tell themselves: I deserve this because I work hard?

Spenders by Category: If you are an SC, you can’t resist certain types of things–because certain things make you feel better.

Marsha is the Founder and Owner of Financial Empowerment which is a non-profit Financial Literacy firm dedicated to women, young adults, and children. 
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