Is “Cheap” Really The Word That You Are Looking For?

Has anyone ever called you “cheap”?

That has happened to me only a few times.  One of them being recent, but also having a twist: “You’re cheap, but then again, you’re not cheap. Like you will spend money on things that will lead to your success, but not on anything else.”

I took it as a compliment because it was (to me). When I reflected on what the person meant versus what they said, here is what I heard:

  •  “Kara, you are not materialistic.”
  •  “Kara, you value experiences over material items.”
  •  “Kara, you are not an impulse shopper or a compulsive shopper.”
  •  “Kara, you align your spending habits to your values.
  •  “Kara, you invest in yourself.”
  •   “Kara, you know what is important to you.”

So, as you are out there trying to establish your financial identity, align your spending to your values, and someone calls you “cheap”, listen a little more carefully. Think about what is REALLY being said.

Frugalistas:  Have you ever been called “cheap”? What were they really trying to say?

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