Jars of Gratitude this Thanksgiving

21Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. With tons of great food, good conversation, and laughter I am always thankful for a full belly and a smile on my face by the end of the night. But not everyone gets excited about Thanksgiving or the holiday season. Trouble with finances, ended relationships, death, challenging family situations, and depression are some of the reasons people don’t look forward to this season.

Whether or not you’re excited about this time of year there are some ways to manage it and make it more enjoyable for yourselves and others.

Create a Gratitude Jar. Get an emptyGratitude jar image jar and write notes with what you’re grateful for.  Read throughout the days and weeks to lift your spirits.

Ask someone for help. Get support from someone who cares about you. Whether it’s asking for help with the cooking or letting someone know that this season is hard for you there is no need to struggle alone or in silence!

Create a new holiday celebration. Go to the movies, for a drive, or even to the beach. Consider what place, person, or activity will bring you joy and invest your time there!

Share your experiences with us. How did you celebrate Thanksgiving this year? Let’s Learn. Change. Grow. together!

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