Leaning In: 5 Signs You are Ready to Move On From Your Current Position

woman-clockBeing gainfully employed is a blessing.

What’s also a blessing is the ability to decide when the time has come to move on from a current situation. If you are in a position to decide that the job you have now is no longer working for you and you want to explore new opportunities, consider yourself extremely fortunate. However, you won’t reap anything from that good fortunate if you do not actually act on that decision.

I believe in forward movement and upward mobility. And if we are going to lean in to our careers, there will come a point when we can no longer ignore the signs that it is time to move on from where we are now.

There are a number of obvious external signs that it’s time to go. For example, if work that was once a regular part of your set of responsibilities is now routinely being given to someone else, your boss is trying to figure out how to get your job done without you. If you are being passed over for promotions or have not had a raise or salary increase since the year of the flood, it’s time to go where you are properly appreciated.

But when it comes to personal fulfillment, there are more important internal indicators that it’s time for you to get to looking. These are the signs that you cannot ignore. They speak not only to your on-the-job satisfaction, but to your overall happiness and fulfillment.

 The following six signs were the ones that I finally had to heed when it became increasingly difficult for me to enjoy my day to day life at a job I had outgrown. If you’re feeling any of these, it may be time for you to take that leap of faith.

  • You Dread Monday Mornings More Than Usual

When waking up in the morning and starting your day is no longer something you look forward, it’s time to make a change. I can remember a time when I hated going to work so much that I almost had anxiety attacks on Sunday evenings because I deeply dreaded the work week ahead. This is not a healthy existence.

  • You Resent Doing the Tasks You Were Once Excited About 

When your superior asks you to take care of something and you say to yourself “when the hell did that become my responsibility” and then you realize it was ALWAYS your responsibility, you just used to enjoy it, it’s time to make a change. Staying in the same position with little to no growth over a significant period of time is almost guaranteed to lead to some boredom and mental fatigue.

  • You Hate Everybody….EVERYBODY 

When your co-workers get on your nerves by simple virtue of the fact that they’re still your co-workers, you need to go. This is a sure sign that your dissatisfaction at work is beginning to affect your personality and your happiness. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled, and you must actively seek that happiness out when it becomes elusive.

  • You’re So Bored, Your Eyes Are Bleeding

When you become a regular walking encyclopedia because you spend so much time searching the web during the workday, you’re not living up to your full potential. The time has come to pursue an opportunity that will allow you to be fully engaged and productive.

  • Your Work is Slipping  

When your work starts to slip, this could be another indicator of your boredom. You can start making careless mistakes as a result of disengagement. This is no good for you or your employer. As a professional, your goal should always be to do the best work possible. And before long, too many careless mistakes could have your employer making the decision that’s it’s time for you to go for you.

If this sounds like you, consider pursuing an opportunity that will have you feeling more challenged, fulfilled and appreciated. Growth and advancement are necessary for a productive, fulfilling career. Do you agree?



    1. Thank you Michelle! Keep checking back for more 🙂

    2. Thank you Michelle, keep checking back for more 🙂

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