Let’s Talk About Sex! Meet DreamGirl Kat Leaks, Dean of Sexploration and Founder of The Meow University

The Meow University was started in 2011 by Kat Leaks, who took on the role of Dean of Sexploration, to find women the best resources for adult sex education.

When I heard about The Meow University and what it had to offer, I was like, “Where do I sign-up? Do ya’ll take credit cards, money orders, first born :)?” I was disappointed to find out that you are based on Chicago. Why is The Meow University so popular in Chicago? What is its popularity telling us about women, sex, and sex education?

I wouldn’t say that The Meow University is so much popular as it is necessary. Chicago is one of those segregated cities, with some areas more progressive than others. With that being said, there are areas in a vacuum of resources, abandoned properties, broken homes, and sexual conservatives. On the south and west sides of the city, there are only a handful, if that, of toy stores, and there are no sex education classes available as there may be in other areas like the north side of the city. It was extremely frustrating and I just started my own classes and found other women interested as well.

Meet DreamGirl Kat Leaks, Dean of Sexploration and Other Sexy Things

What services and products does Meow University offer? Who is your typical client?

Our service is mainly sex education through our classes and events but I do offer assistance with bachelorette parties and girls-night outs if asked. Our typical client is the African American woman, 25 years an over who find themselves wanting to know about sex and didn’t know who to ask. We will soon add educational resources for sale such as instructional DVDs  and books (coming soon).

You have an upcoming workshop in April about the female anatomy and sex toys, what will participants leave knowing more about?

It is an awesome class, Tickle Your Fancy: Female Anatomy and Sexuality, taught by the sex educators of Early to Bed (http://www.early2bed.com), my favorite toy store on the north side of the city and online. Women will definitely leave there knowing:

  1. The Nature of Women’s Pleasure and Orgasm
  2. Tips to be comfortable with your body and masturbation
  3. Ways to make sex more pleasurable and fun

What are you hoping that The Meow University will do for women, their relationships with their partners, and their relationships with their bodies?

I want women to feel empowered, encouraged, and excited about their own bodies and their sexual natures. Sex is often demonized to the point where intimacy is almost impossible for women who become ‘Good Girls’.  I want the dialogue about sex to happen in relationships! After women take a class, what a great pillow talk discussion!

Women can go home and talk to their partners about what they learned and find out if their partner is looking forward to trying something new. When that line of communication is open about sex, the most intimate subject, it opens the doors for women to discuss what else they want and the ability to express how they feel. Better communication leads to better sex. It doesn’t hurt to be curious, it really doesn’t kill you, but not knowing will.

Website: http://www.themeowuniversity.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheMeowUniversity

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheMeowU



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