Meet DreamGirl Amber Wright: Writer, Consultant, and Communications Coach

14I absolutely heart  Amber!!! She is one of my sistergirls from Black and Married with Kids. When I think of Amber, I immediately picture bubbles.:) She is light, full of energy, hope, and support.  She is always ready to give support and she does not know this, but I was willing to open my home to her in June for Blogging While Brown (she living in Cali and me living in New York and never having officially met)  if she decided to attend. And for those of you that know me personally, it took my close girlfriends damn near 20 years to see my childhood bedroom. Seriously. I mean, she is that lovable.

Reading her interview was a complete inspiration.


What do you do and why is it important?

I am the founder of Talk toAmber. I teach women how to improve their overall quality of life by improving their communication skills. I believe what I do is important because, if you want to be happy – from the boardroom to the bedroom, you have to know how to talk to people with confidence and competence. All roads to experiencing a fulfilling life lead back to how we communicate and express ourselves.

 What advice would you give to your 20 year-old self?

“You are stronger than you think you are,” is what I would tell my 20 year-old self if I could talk to her. The advice I would give her is to keep pushing, have a little more fun, know your worth and chill out with dating men that are too old for you!

What are three things that you know for sure?*

  1. Faith is everything.
  2. Happiness is a choice. A daily one.
  3. Greatness awaits you, if you’re willing to work hard for it.

What is the best advice (financial, emotional, spiritual, health-related) that you have ever received? Why did that piece of wisdom resonate with you so much?

 “The answer is already no, if you don’t ask” is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received. To me, that means that if I want or need something – I have to speak up! It’s up to me to go after what I want in this life. It’s my responsibility to protect my happiness, command respect, and pursue opportunities. If the answer is no, then I adjust my approach and/or keep it moving until something happens. We so often fear the response that we overlook the beautiful benefits that are possibly waiting on the other side of simply asking for what we want.

What are you the most proud of as a woman, entrepreneur, scholar, or anything in between?

I am most proud of the fact that although I have accomplished a lot, I’ve also overcome a lot. Everyone has a story and mine is peppered with heartbreak and disappoints that could have led me down a completely different life path, had I allowed them to. Thankfully, our experiences don’t define us!

What I am especially proud of is that I am not unwilling to share with other (young) women how I got to where I am. I believe in transparency as a tool to inspire change in the lives of others. I don’t like to simply tell them what to do to achieve the lives they want – I like to show them by example.

What is going on in your business/career that EVERYONE should know about now?*  Is there a product or services that we should ALL know about?

In January 2014, I released my first ebook, entitled, “Rock the Mic Right: 5 Simple Ways to Handle Public Speaking Like a Boss!”

Everyone can head on over to my website and sign up to receive a FREE copy today! It’s a short and sweet guide on how to be less nervous when talking in front of other people. EVERYBODY needs to master that skill if they want to get ahead in life!

Very soon, I’ll be looking into hosting my first webinar centered on communication and relationships (my specialties). I’ll be sure to share more details with you and the Frugal Feminista community once I have them!

And of course, for shameless plug’s sake – I currently offer a variety of coaching sessions and workshops based upon how to hear and be heard in every area of your life.

 What makes you a DreamGirl?

Deciding not to be afraid of my dreams is what makes me a DreamGirl. There’s a saying that if your dreams don’t scare you – they’re not big enough. I have had many moments where I’ve questioned what was possible for my life, but at the same time, I’ve never let that stop me from at least trying. Finishing college was a dream. And I did it. Getting my master’s degree and becoming an adjunct instructor was a dream. And I did it. Living happily married, buying a house, starting a family, starting my business…all of these things are currently at the epicenter of my life and they each started out as a dream. And I’m doing it all! For that I am supremely grateful.

What rituals, if any, do you do on a daily, monthly, or yearly to keep you focused, positive, or centered?

I pray daily. I read a devotional by Rick Warren daily. I try to meditate often. I get exercise a couple of times a week. I spend time with my husband, with my daughter, my friends, and myself to keep myself centered. And I laugh. Hard.

How do you handle setbacks? What skills, support, or personality trait do you rely on the most to help you overcome adversity?

Setbacks can be frustrating, but I embrace them as part of the process toward becoming successful. It’s like ironing clothes. Wrinkles are a part of the process of having clean clothes; but they need the heat from the iron to smooth things out. How I handle setbacks is by releasing the idea of things being perfect. Two of my favorite sayings with regard to setbacks are, “Done is better than perfect” and “Mistakes are proof that you’re trying.” Those free me up to accept that things happen, but you gotta deal with it and move  on. I also have what I like to call my Success Committee of my husband and a few close friends that I share my dreams with and who support me as I work hard to slay my goals and do the things I feel God has called me to do.

Amber L. Wright, M.A. is a professor, writer, speaker, communication consultant and creator of TalktoAmber.com. Her personal mission is to teach you how to hear and be heard in every area of your life – from the boardroom to the bedroom. Her areas of interest and expertise are in communication, relationships, marriage and popular culture.

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