Meet DreamGirl Britni Danielle: Novelist, Freelance Writer, Founder of BritniDanielle.com & #TheGoalDiggerProject

I look forward to Britni’s Monday Motivations. Her messages of inspiration and motivation always seem to come right on time. I was hesitant about posting this interview because I messed up and it’s late (5 months). You can’t see me in the interview, only Britni, which would be fine with me, but I just thought it would be too weird. But hell, the nuggets that she drops on being a freelance writer, quitting her teaching job, and living on the faith,  will definitely make my technical issues a non-issue. Check out her site www.britnidanielle.com to learn more about her.

If you can’t view this video, click here.

Britni is very accessible on social media. Connect with her on @BritniDWrites.

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