Meet DreamGirl Karen Taylor Bass, PR Expert and Founder of The Brand New Mommy

Earlier this year, I introduced you to Karen when I wrote about how her speech at a networking event inspired me to continue to build this blog. In her speech, she aptly reminded us to “make your dreams so big that they seem laughable.” Can you imagine? Your dreams being so huge, mega, and badass, that they are (almost) inconceivable. When you get the jitters about your dreams, know that you are moving in the right direction.

I also shared with you that I hightailed it over to her table and bought her book, You Want Caviar But You Have Money for Chitlins: A Smart Do-It-Yourself PR Guide for Those On a Budget. I read the whole book on the train ride home and left with some great tips that I have used to build this #frugalbeast called The Frugal Feminista.

Now, I have the pleasure of featuring Karen as a DreamGirl. I love the confidence in this interview. I love the practical advice. I love the vision.

Again, another interview worth printing out and running a highlighter up and through.


What do you do and why is it important? 

I am a PR Expert. It is my job and mission to empower everyone from A-list celebrities to entrepreneurs on the importance of creating a strategic brand and having a PR campaign. My day is spent media training business executives for television/radio appearances and press conferences. Also I coach small businesses and entrepreneurs on how to create a lasting brand with PR tools such as press releases, media plan and leveraging their brand with strategic partnerships. This is important because when you control your personal ‘brand’ you become more lucrative to employers, sponsors and clients.

What are three things that you know for sure?

I am exceptional at what I do. Life can be challenging but God is on time. I complete me.

What is the best advice (financial, emotional, spiritual, health-related) that you have ever received?

Ownership. The best advice came from my grandmother, who is now in heaven. She taught me at an early age the value of owning my personal brand and living below my means.I also believe in real estate and own a couple of properties for investment.

My grandmother said that when you can stand on your own feet, look self in the mirror because you worked hard and sacrificed, take the time to enjoy your gifts, share with others and allow the universe to take care of the rest. I live by this mantra because it is simple and authentic.

What is going on in your business/career that EVERYONE should know about now?Is there a product or services that we should ALL know about?

The business of public relations is changing each nano-second with digital/social media. With that said, most employers are having a challenging time hiring professionals with soft-skills. Somehow we have lost the art of communicating with others since we spend more communicating with personal devices. My strong suggestion is to take a course in people relations and put that on your resume.

Also, in conjunction with Prudential, I am excited to share that I will be hosting the “Mogul Business Power Brunch: Leverage Your Brand, Secure A Job, & Grow a Multi-million Dollar Business” in Queens, NYC on September 13th.  Click here to reserve your early bird tickets.

What makes you a DreamGirl?

I am a trendsetter. As a PR Expert, becoming a mom at 40, and pressing RESET when life became challenging. A DreamGirl is never afraid to fail, reinvent, rewrite her goals and dream bigger.

How do you handle setbacks? What skills, support, or personality trait do you rely on the most to help you overcome adversity?

We all have setbacks. I try to stay in the moment, pray, ask for guidance and rely on the support of my family, friends and colleagues.

Karen Taylor Bass is a best-selling author, PR Expert and understands that life only gets better when you press RESET. Follow her @thebrandnewmom and @prexpert

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