Meet DreamGirl LaTisha Styles Founder and Chief Editor of Young Finances

15To know LaTisha is to respect LaTisha. I reached out to LaTisha a few months ago looking for advice about blogging. Even though we are both personal finance bloggers, she was open and forthcoming with her support and advice. When you meet someone like that, you just want to be of service to them as well. So as she poured into me, I also tried to pour into her. Personal finance is her passion and she has a lot of wisdom and insight into why young folk need to think about wealth as soon as possible.

Here is her story.


What do you do and why is it important?
I am the Founder and Chief Editor of Young Finances which provides millennials with tips on smart money management. After the market crash of 2008, young people realized that they had to learn about money; how it works and how to save, spend and invest effectively.

What advice would you give to your 20 year-old self?
At the age of 20 I already had a few hundred dollars’ worth of credit card debt and a few thousand dollars’ worth of student loan debt. I would love to be able to go back in time and tell myself not to borrow so much and instead save for assets like real estate.

What are three things that you know for sure?
I know that I can work hard enough for the opportunities that I need. Nothing in life comes easy and I’m prepared to work for every success that comes my way.
I know that you can’t please everyone. For one reason or another there will be people that dislike you. It is likely that you are doing what they want to do.
I know that true joy comes from operating in your passion. When you love what you do, each day seems to spring forward with new life.

What is the best advice (financial, emotional, spiritual, health-related) that you have ever received? Why did that piece of wisdom resonate with you so much?
I was once told to reach for my goals without considering ‘what ifs’. At one point in my life, I was afraid to ask for a promotion because I kept thinking, “What if I get married and move?” “What if this new job requires me to work late and I don’t meet Mr. Right?” “What if I want to have children in 3 years but I’m a high powered corporate executive?”
I think, as women, it is common for us to want to structure our lives around family. We are naturally equipped with the mothering gene.
However, you have to live your life based on today. And not limit yourself based on what could happen. Instead, reach for your goals and your life will adapt and adjust the same way you do.

What is going on in your business/career that EVERYONE should know about now? Is there a product or services that we should ALL know about?

Right now I am excited about the Young Finances Toolkit. I took the time to create a simple guide that takes the beginner all the way from budgeting to investing for the very first time. With the simple steps in the Young Finances Toolkit it’s pretty easy to see how you can budget, invest and achieve success.

Where do you see yourself and your business in the next five years?
I always say that a 5 year plan is nothing without a 1 year goal and daily steps to make that a reality. I would like to run a multi-million dollar business in 5 years; but more importantly, in the nest year, I would like my business to expand with a team all working towards the growth of Young Finances.

What makes you a DreamGirl?
I truly am following my passions and I am willing to help others follow theirs as well. I know that it may take some time to find out what you are truly passionate about. For me it took several years of chasing high income to find my true passion.

How do you handle setbacks? What skills, support, or personality trait do you rely on the most to help you overcome adversity?
Each day I remind myself not to compare my chapter one with another’s chapter 10. I see what I want to achieve and I know it will take time. I focus on my strengths and work to build strength in my weaknesses. If I don’t hit a goal, I just keep going; or I re-evaluate. Sometimes I have to change my approach or way of thinking to measure my success. It’s important that I remind myself each day that I have all of the tools that I need to succeed. As long as I put in the work and effort, I can do it.

LaTisha Styles is an author and motivational speaker specializing in simple and fun finance for young adults. She focuses on building wealth the smart way: through savvy investing and excellent money management. Learn more about here at Young Finances

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