Productivity Hacks Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Know

With so many distractions to contend with, being an entrepreneur is rarely easy. Staying focused and working on your core business areas might seem straightforward, but there are always other tasks pulling you away from your main objectives.

Productivity is key for any business and it’s something entrepreneurs should always try to maximize. With increased productivity comes added efficiency and bigger profits, so it’s certainly something worth addressing.

To ensure you’re operating as productively as possible, check out these top productivity tips for entrepreneurs…

  1. Be goal-oriented

Trying to work through a never-ending to-do list won’t get you far when you’re becoming an entrepreneur. Instead, rank tasks in order of importance. If something won’t propel your business forward or being in revenue, push it to the bottom of your list. Your core business functions should always take precedence, so make sure everything you do is geared towards these. 

  1. Avoid meetings

Meetings seem to be a staple of any workplace but they’re usually unproductive and inefficient. Whilst you’ll need to network with people and discuss ideas, don’t schedule meetings for the sake of it. Email, video calls, and text updates are a great way to keep up-to-speed with projects, and they take a fraction of the time. 

  1. Use the right tech

With the right tech setup, you can increase your productivity considerably. When you use a torrent client for Mac or Windows, for example, you can share content with other members of your team in seconds. Alternatively, you may choose to enhance your existing tech by adding multi-windows to your laptop. With added functionality, you can monitor activity and switch from one task to another quickly. 

  1. Check emails at specific times

You may not even realize you’re doing it but, chances are, you check your emails hundreds of times a day. Of course, every time an email comes in, you’re then distracted from your original task. Instead of monitoring your inbox constantly, choose set times of the day to check your incoming mail. With scheduled times to respond to emails, you’ll be less distracted and much more productive. 

  1. Take a break

This may seem counterproductive but taking regular breaks is a great way to increase your productivity. Entrepreneurs tend to work around the clock, but it doesn’t take long for these long hours to affect the quality of your work or your motivation. The Pomodoro technique encourages entrepreneurs to work in 25-minute chunks, with a 5-minute break at the end of each one. Alternatively, you may want to follow the 60-60-30 schedule. Choose two big tasks, complete each one in 60 minutes and then take a 30-minute break to recharge your batteries. 

There are plenty of ways to increase productivity as an entrepreneur but it’s important to find the hacks which work for you and your business. With the right support, tech, and attitude you can maximize your productivity boost company outputs and increase your turnover, but it may take a little while for you to work out which hacks work best for you.

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