Reflect on ’15 before you plan ’16!

5Before you begin planning and plotting on the goals for 2016, what happened with the 2015 goals?  Did you reach them?  Did they get lost in the shuffle of life?  Did you get discouraged and let them fall by the wayside?  But hey who cares, you are looking forward to 2016 and you KNOW this will be your year!  Well, Feminista….Guess again!!  2016 will be a repeat of 2015 if you don’t stop and take a look at why you didn’t meet those goals.  

Some of you are asking, “Can we make it through Christmas before we start thinking about the new year?” NO! And here is why-If you plan to succeed in 2016, your have to prepare.  In order to prepare for success in losing weight, launching your business, or just simply living better you have to plan.  Planning requires that you know what you are capable of doing as well as willing to do!  Many of us are capable of getting up an extra hour early to work out or work on a new project, but are you willing to do so?  Are you willing to go to bed earlier?  Miss that episode of “How to get away with murder” or “Being Mary Jane” (since 10:00pm is the new bedtime)?  

Before you make your 2016 goal list and send e-vites for your vision board party, reflect on 2015.  What went well, not so well and why?  Be realistic about what it will take to have success in 2016.  Ask yourself what sacrifices are you willing to make?  Review your goals.  Ask yourself if you are taking on too much and did you put enough effort towards the goals for 2015.  By knowing what didn’t work,  you can take a different approach next year!

Finally Feministas, it’s good to think about 2016 goals now because you need to find your support.  Do you need a workout buddy or workout group?  Do you have someone that will check in on your and your goals?  Here’s a suggestion, find one person or group that is doing what you want to do.  This person should be someone that is a call or text away, and have a similar goal!  If you choose a group, it can be virtual, but you should follow one that is active.  Making sure the group is active, ensures that you have daily or weekly reminders of what your goal is, that it is obtainable and a you know that support is just a click away!

Feministas, what are some of your goals for 2016?  Will you approach them differently that you did your 2015 goals?

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