Shop Like a Pro: 7 Tips for Your Best Shopping Trip

13by T. Espinoza

Some people don’t like shopping. I don’t understand these people, but I love them because they keep me gainfully employed. Nonetheless, the reasons why some folks prefer not to hit the mall, range from too many options to ‘I hate trying clothes on’. To those people, I offer these 7 tips to make your next shopping trip as painless as possible:


1. Have a plan: It’s a bad idea to start your shopping trip off without a plan; it’s a sure fire way to spend more than you need to. Consider what you actually need in your wardrobe. Will it work well with things you already own? Do you already have something similar?

2. Know the stores return and price adjustment policies: If you need to return an item or it goes on sale shortly after you buy it, you’ll want to know how to proceed.

3. Try it on: I know, I know. I don’t like to do it either but as we know, size and fit can differ from one store to the next. Try on the item and sit down, lift your arms, or drop it like it’s hot. Basically, just move around in the item to make sure the fit is good and that it’ll be comfy.

4. If it doesn’t fit, don’t buy it: No matter how trendy or how good the sale is. If it doesn’t fit or flatter you, don’t buy it.

5. Go with, what you know: In a pinch, go with brands, shapes and colors that you know work for you.

6. Sleep on it: For big ticket items, put it on hold for a day and sleep on it. If you can’t stop thinking about it (and it’s within your budget) go ahead and get it.

7. Be nice: Being friendly with salespeople can go a long way; he or she might be willing to set items aside for you or give you first dibs on marked down items.

If you remember nothing from this list, remember this: Don’t buy items simply because they are on sale or because it looks good on someone else. If you’re just not that into brick and mortar shopping or prefer shopping in your pajamas like me, check out these 12 Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online.

What say you? What are your tips for a stress free shopping trip?

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