Silencing the Noise


When I fell in love with minimalism, I just knew it would look a certain way. I craved simplicity and freedom. Minimalism moved me towards introspection and a journey into intentional wellness. 

Originally, I thought minimalism would translate into taking inventory of my physical possessions, so I made the commitment to reduce my belongings and documented the journey via a series of YouTube videos. Unfortunately, a month into my minimalist journey my cousin died from kidney failure; he was only 33 years old. At the onset of his health decline, my minimalist journey unexpectedly halted. I rushed to be by my cousin’s side as he was taken off life support. 

Then, back to work for a week and then back home again for his funeral. These road trips of over 2,520 miles traveled, marked a huge milestone in my life. I had a hard time processing a major death without my extended support system while living away from home. I avoided facing the trauma. As a result, my minimalism journey derailed. I was hospitalized for exhaustion and dehydration from self-neglect. This stay allowed me the time I needed to focus on myself, and take a sabbatical from work by moving back in with my parents after graduation. 

So I took the next year to focus on my needs. During the time I took to center and heal myself, I gained a new idea about what minimalism meant to me. Minimalism is the process of reducing the noise, capitalism, and expectation of others. I silenced a lot of voices in that year and learned how our minds become cluttered with social media, advertisements and unrealistic expectations.

 I cut out all social media. I stopped shopping. I slowed down all communication to people outside of my healing team. As I healed and got stronger I slowly added only the things that held meaning and value to my life. It was in the last year of Sabbath and renewal that minimalism manifested itself in my life. And in that silence, my world became filled with immense joy and love. 

Want to learn more about minimalism from various brown girls? My girl, Yolanda over at The Black Minimalists compiled a free ebook called  Simply Black. You should download it.

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