Single and Saving In the City

They say “love don’t cost a thing”, but we all know that dating sure does. Keeping an active social life while guarding your long-term financial goals such as property ownership, zero debt, advanced study, and a secure retirement don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Incorporate a couple of these “single and saving in the city” tricks to balance the need to live life fully in the present with the reality that poor financial planning now creates an unlivable future.

1.Plan as many dates as you can around your next hair and nail appointments. It costs a lot of money to take care of our hair and nails and when we are dating we are more likely to splurge on a few extra appointments so we are looking our best. If you are currently seeing more than one person, schedule your hair and nail appointments first and then the date, not the other way around!

2.Wash and wear. Keep that outfit that makes you feel the sexiest and most confident in heavy rotation. There is no need to continually buy new clothes when you are in market for a beau. The benefit of rewearing an outfit is that you already know how it hugs and hides, accentuates and flatters. Besides, it’s new to them if they have never seen it. Keeping tabs, however, on what was worn and with whom is key to optimizing this strategy!

3.Kill two birds with one stone. Plan two first dates on the same day. A brunch and an early dinner, perhaps. These locations should be close enough as not to cost you more in the way of transportation, yet distant enough to maintain discretion. These dates should also be similar in price and nature to spare you unexpected ATM visits (and fees) and a wardrobe change. With the two-three hour cushion that you leave between dates, you will have enough to time to balance your checkbook, run errands, catch-up on your reading, or even schedule your next hair appointment!

4. Take advantage of Mother Nature. (This is if you are planning to pay for the date)  If you are into “old-school romance” or Hollywood-inspired courting, there is nothing wrong with suggesting a walk in the park, a stroll down a Boardwalk, or sitting on a bed of sand to watch the sun set when you are trying to get to know that special someone. If you need a little more action, but still love the outdoors, why not find a free outdoor concert to attend or a long, windy trail to follow?

If you need deeper work around healing your relationship with money or overcoming your blocks and fears, maybe it’s time for some money therapy.   



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