Start Spending Smarter with the “Like It” or “Love It” Rule

2By Kim Renée Nelson

I enjoy shopping. If I could, I would be internet and personal shopping all over the place. I surf the web and window shop seeing all the things I need. Ok, things the advertising industry says I need. However, my budget says “slow your roll girl”! So, I have to be choosey about my purchases.

With the ease of online shopping and superstores popping up everywhere it’s harder to separate needs from wants. There’s always a sale, coupon or an “ending soon” countdown to entice us into buying that extra something. When this happens to me I use the “like or love” it rule.

For example, say I see a pair of shoes that are calling me over as they often do. I know if I didn’t buy another pair of shoes right now I’d be just fine. But practicality has nothing to do with this, logic does. I will take a moment and decide if I like them. Liking them means I will leave them while I think it over for a few days. It also means I’m willing to accept them being gone if I go back.

The other choice is do I love them. Of course, this is a subjective love accompanied by visualization. If they fit well, I can see myself with the outfit and the places I’ll be rocking them (and the price is in the budget) it’s time to buy! Do you have any tips or tricks that help you with your purchase making decisions?

Kim Renée Nelson is an author, poet, singer and working single mother. She is part of an organization to help empower and encourage teenage girls called Operation Log Off. She desires to live her dreams frugally Fabulous!

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