Staying on Track: 3 Tips to Ensure That You Reach Any Goal

25At some point in our lives, we all have wanted something very badly that we know would not be easy to obtain. Whether it is a significant weight loss, freedom from financial debt or earning a college degree, the greatest rewards always come with the hardest work. And hard work can often come with some backsliding. The following are five tips for staying on track when pursuing life’s goals.

1. Have a Solid Plan
I always suggest to friends and loved ones who are in pursuit of a goal to write your objectives down. That way you can see your thoughts on paper, and revise things that seem out of place or not realistic as you review what you want to do. Try numbering your actions in the chronological steps you will take towards your end goal. Then, as you get on the path to success you have a benchmark by which you can measure your progress. As the saying goes ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’.

2. Be prepared to sacrifice.
Even the best of world class athletes who are already in peak condition practice countless hours every day because they believe they can do better. Whatever your desired end result is, if it is something you truly believe in and are fully committed to, you will certainly be willing to sacrifice. Effective weight loss will mean sacrificing certain foods and free time to accommodate new physical activities. Financial freedom will almost certainly mean sacrificing shopping or eating out in order to save money more prudently. Even taking the next step up in your career will likely involving staying later at work and passing on some social activities to perhaps take a professional course or go back to school. Be ready to step out of your comfort zone.

3. Practice the Art of Self-Assessment
When pursuing a lofty goal time management is key, as are consistency and dedication. Be sure to review your goal regularly to be sure that you are making progress in reasonable periods of time. Be mindful of not allowing your goal to lose priority in your life. Try to make notes of your progress as much as you can and make adjustments if necessary to make things happen. If you are not making progress, think about alternative ways in which you could be making more strides or stepping it up a notch.

The starting point of all achievement is the desire to actually achieve something. How badly you want something will directly impact your ultimate success. There will be times when you question your decisions and your resolve, as well as your future, but if you can visualize yourself achieving the goals you have set and you really want it, chances are high you will remain committed and eventually you will be successful. Big things can happen when you throw yourself fully into what you want to accomplish.

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