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Have Debt, Have No Savings? Do Make These 4 Money Moves to Help You Easily Live Below Your Means

I was speaking to a girlfriend that was looking for advice on how to manage her finances better. She was proud to share that she had no debt, but when it came to savings, she had none. Living Beyond Your Means I know for some, this is a hard concept to grasp. We usually hear

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As I was going through some personal finance rules that are very good to follow, I thought of the individuals who may be experiencing economic hardship and how this may be conflicting information. If you don’t have any income, no money coming into your household, then some of the rules don’t make much sense for

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4 Ways To Put Your Financial Needs First

Putting yourself first is probably the best thing that you can do for the longevity of your finances and your peace of mind. All of your dreams, passions, and short-term goals, no matter how big or small have a price tag. But in order to realize any of them, you have to get into the

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