Debt or Your Life? Choose Life

One of the most haunting movies I’ve ever watched as a student of behavioral economics is The Joneses. The movie is based on the concept of stealth marketing, which is just that— an aspect of marketing in which the audience is not aware that they are being marketed to. In The Joneses, a marketing team

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5 Things You Need to Know About Getting a Mortgage

Whenever I heard people talk about mortgages, it always sounded like they were speaking a foreign language. So many words I didn’t fully understand: escrow, closing costs, fixed-rate, variable rate, title insurance. I never bothered to learn the vocabulary. I thought someday, down the line, when I’m ready to buy a house or an apartment,

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6 Quick & Effective Personal Finance Tips on Managing Money and Reducing Debt

Glinda Bridgforth is a best-selling author and financial expert. She conducted a seminar sponsored by Toyota Financial Services where she gave financial fuel tips, quick tips about managing money and reducing debt. I picked some key tips to share with you and include my own tidbits for each. Tip 1: Don’t take payroll advances from

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