Take These Simple Steps To Protect Your Business Finances

Money isn’t the key to true happiness but it is the key to business success. If you’re a small business owner, this will hardly be news to you. With money in your bank account, you can build and grow your business, and beat the poor survival rate that currently exists for startups everywhere.  Taking steps

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Why Business School Is for Punks and Other Financial Lessons from Carter G. Woodson

Black History is Not Only about Lives, It’s About Lessons :During Black History month, we focus our collective energy on celebrating, honoring, and paying homage and respect to the accomplishments, struggles, and lives of black leaders, fighters, and survivors that challenged, revolutionized, and confronted America’s oppressive, color-based system of disenfranchisement and white supremacy. What we

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5 Beauty and Budget Must-Haves for Brown Girls on the Move

There’s something really wonderful and empowering about being your own woman in all ways. I’m talking about having your stuff together from the inside and out: your career is on the move, you’re handling your finances like a champ, and you’re attention to your personal appearance is impeccable. For some brown girl millennials, this is

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