How To Admit & Identify A Life Problem

Pexels – CC0 License It’s not a great indictment of your character to fail or make mistakes. In fact, everyone does. It is simply impossible for a limited human being, having to learn everything from scratch, to get everything right continually. You’ll make mistakes, and that’s perfectly fine. What’s not fine is continually making mistakes

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Ways To Reset During A Busy Work Day

Sometimes the workday can get out of hand. There may be too many emails to sift through, communication snafus with your coworkers and sometimes you may have just started your day off wrong. Do not worry! Just because your workday started off wrong does not mean that it has to end wrong. Here are some

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Don’t Let These Things Write The Story Of Your Life: How To Help Yourself

We can all get stuck in a rut in our daily lives from time to time. That extra glass of wine is far too tempting. That hamburger and fries are just calling your name. But the more we continue to do that, the more our lifestyle is going in the opposite direction of being healthy.

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