5 Ways to Find The Perfect Birthday Gift

Showing the people that we love how much we appreciate them is extremely important.  Although you do not have to limit yourself to major events, I wanted to write a post about FNPhenomenal Ways to give the perfect birthday gift. Please note that you don’t have to spend a lot of money, or even buy

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6 Tips to Save and Be Money Savvy While Visiting Friends and Family

The time for college drop offs and summer vacations is fast approaching. It can be very tempting and seem almost unavoidable to spend a lot of money on the travel, accommodations or eating when visiting a different city or place. However, instead of thinking of it as the last large expense of the summer and

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Travel Noire: 5 Tips To Travel on a Budget

by Rachel McRae In today’s expensive society, I find it necessary to budget everything, especially travel. Traveling is extremely fun but it can be very costly. Here’s a few ways I save: Set up a Travel FundEach trip I take is paid in full before heading to the airport. I start stashing away a small

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