The Anatomy Of A Home That Actually Works For You

Creating a home that actually works for you isn’t easy. It takes a massive amount of planning and detailed consideration of your environment – and your lifestyle. 

But some people achieve it and build homes around their needs. What’s more, their ideas are often minimalist and don’t require a vast amount of cash to make a reality. 

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Your Home Is A Launchpad

The idea that your home is your launchpad is relatively obscure, but the concept behind it is surprisingly simple. It just means that you use your property to recharge your batteries so that you can go back out and face the world. It should be a place away from the outside world where you’re able to express yourself and pursue your dreams. That’s the essence of what it means to be at home. 

Create Privacy

Despite what people might tell you, everyone needs at least some privacy in their lives. But maintaining it can be a challenge, especially considering some of the architectural choices that form the fabric of the average house. 

Here are some of the ways that you can create privacy easily: 

  • Add fast-growing evergreen shrubs to the edge of your property. These will not only look good when trimmed but also provide you with a natural barrier between you and your neighbors.
  • Start making use of WiFi-connected doorbells. These create a feed to your phone, allowing you to see who’s knocking and speak to them without actually having to see them in person. If it is a delivery person, you can just ask them to leave the package on your porch for you to collect later – great for a COVID-stricken world. 
  • Install a secure front gate. Ideally, you want it to obscure views of your property, especially if you live on the main road.

Make Things Useful And Beautiful

Both beauty and utility are essential in the modern home. We want spaces that are both functional and appealing to our senses. Modern architects are doing a much better job of creating such environments these days. 

Here is some basic advice that you’re free to follow: 

  • Keep the shape of your rooms simple and focus on making them easy to furnish
  • Don’t add more furniture to a room than you need and keep walkways clear
  • Try combining the purpose of your room – you don’t need a separate space for every activity

Find Ways To Instantly Declutter

Creating a home that automatically declutters itself is the holy grail of household organization. For the most part, it is only something that exists in your imagination. But there are some trusted methods you can use to make it happen faster.

The trick is to sort out your storage. Ideally, you want a butler’s pantry – a separate space from your kitchen where you can store all your sundries. You can also designate other areas of your home for mail or even putting down bags of groceries. That way, you never wind up with an unmitigated mess. The property works on a process. You’re just following a format.  


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