The Conscious Practice Of Minimalism

I have been practicing minimalism consciously since about 2010. When I went away to college I had to pack all of my belongings that could fit into my tiny car. The process of choosing what stayed and what went with me to college forced me to leave many things behind. Eventually, I’d forget about what was left at my family’s home, so when I returned I would donate everything I left. 

I found a sense of fulfillment knowing that someone else would benefit from those items. Minimalism is important because it forces you to make decisions about that which is pertinent in your life, and what is simply taking up space. Whether it is physical space, mental space, or emotional space – all areas to which we can apply the practice of minimalism. 

Minimalism can provide you with the time and energy to spend on things in your life that hold greater value and importance. For instance, the two things that hold value and importance to me are amazing experiences gained through traveling the world and sharing my experiences with other African Americans. 

Minimalism has enriched my life because it allows me to be more receptive to new experiences, people, and places. I believe that we can benefit from minimalism in innumerable ways. Two of which are: Minimalism for the black community is being intentional about everything we consume whether it’s media, goods and or services. Consuming only what feeds our beautiful black souls. 

Minimalism heals mental wounds. With a minimalist state of mind you only allow thoughts and ideas to occupy your mind that serve you, uplift you, and help you to attract the experiences that you want in your life. It’s time that we confront any hurt, try to mend old wounds where we can, and throw away the remnants that linger and cause feelings that don’t contribute to your empowerment and betterment. Minimalism in a world of consumerism requires discipline Minimalism in a world of consumerism requires discipline. In a world of “More is better”, it takes a disciplined individual not to overindulge. With the discipline gained from learning to only buy what is necessary we as a community could strategically support businesses within our own communities.

Want to learn more about minimalism from various brown girls? My girl, Yolanda over at The Black Minimalists compiled a free ebook called  Simply Black. You should download it.  

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