The New Formula for Work-Life Balance

I’ve decided it’s important for me to be more physically active, but I have a hard time staying motivated to work out. So I have been trying different types of activities just to keep me interested. And most recently, I thought a pole dancing class would be a nice fun way to get moving. The best part about engaging in different types of fun activities to stay physically fit, is that I get to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

In addition to actually improving my physical health, I am really having a lot of fun. So I’m feeding my body and my emotional self at the same time. I’m taking care of my responsibilities and I’m rewarding myself simultaneously.  This ideal is the crux of my work/life balance 2.0.   My new goal for creating a work/life balance is not what we traditionally associate with that term. It isn’t simply about finding time to take care of my personal matters outside of a full career. It is about having a career that is in itself fulfilling; and at the same time,  feeding into my emotional well being. In the past, we’ve been hearing about how a desirable work/life balance consists of taking care of what you need to at work and also finding time to take care of what we need you at home. It usually revolves around some matters of having to take care of children, making sure our homes are in order, or perhaps even caring for aging parents. But that is not what I am talking about. I’m referring to achieving a balance that is centered around a harmonious, rewarding existence. So that we aren’t only focusing on the things that need to be done, we are focused on the person who is doing them.

Create a work life that is not only fulfilling monetarily, but it is something that we enjoy doing everyday. We all give so much at work, but work should be giving something back to us – other than a financial contribution to our bank accounts. I want to challenge all of you to assess your career or your day to day job. I want you to ask yourself if you are finding pleasure in going into work at all. And then push yourself to make changes that may ultimately help to fill a void, if there is one, in your work life. Give careful thought to the things that you enjoy doing; can you make a living out of that?  Do you have a talent that you can bring to your job that will not only help you in your position but will help you in your future as well? I implore you not to just settle for having a job. I want you to push yourself so that you can create a fulfilling and rewarding career. Even if that means going back to school or learning a trade if you can. Consider that that may actually be a very worthwhile investment in yourself.  Actively work toward having a balanced professional life, separate and apart from your personal life.

But do not neglect your personal life. This is the part of your existence that should be filled with loved ones, good times, cherished memories and a support system that should carry you through the years. Your personal life should be filled with those things that bring you joy and with no regard to what a boss or a superior or a client may think of those activities you choose to engage in. You have earned the right as an adult who takes care of their responsibilities to have a personal life that brings you joy and satisfaction. You should create that for yourself because it belongs to you and only you.. I do believe that as women  we should be mindful to carry ourselves with dignity and class whenever applicable. But hey, if you want to swing around a pole for your man, then do you. If that is something that will bring you joy, embrace it wholly and go for it. You owe it to yourself to live a life tharewarding rewarding in all aspects as much as it can be so.

So as I left my dance class, feeling not only strengthened but sexually empowered, I was reminded that this is something that I would like to be an over-arching theme throughout my entire life. I want to be able to use the skills and education that have strengthened me mentally in my professional life. But there are things that bring me joy that I cannot do at work. Those are the things that I want to fully submerge myself in. And that is my new works/life balance 2.0 goal.. Achieving a work-life balance is no longer about finding time to do errands on both sides of the fence.

What activities do you enjoy both on and off the job that help you to achieve a harmonious existence?

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