The Superpower of Asking “Why”

The Superpower of Asking “Why”


There’s always a reason for everything you do. There’s always a root and a “why” waiting for you to uncover it.  And sometimes the reasons that you give yourself are just the beginnings of the journey. And those answers lead to other “whys” and different “whys” and new answers.


And you may be asking, “Well, how do I know when I’ve reached the final “why?” and my “final” answer.


Well, I can’t answer that for you, but I know that I’ve gotten to the root of inner conflict or I’ve healed an emotional wound when the pain goes away. When I no longer obsess, perseverate, or worry about something, a situation, or a person, I usually know that I’m good to go; I’m good to move on with my life.


Case in point is my most recent internal conversation about money: For a while I’ve carried around this belief that I had a toxic relationship with money because I was raised to deprive myself from using money for fun and I avoided taking risks in my business because of a fear of spending.  


And it’s true. I always felt a pain in my gut when I thought about spending money for even the most modest of luxuries because of how I grew up.


How to Get More Answers and Better Answers


So in a quest to rid myself of these limiting beliefs around money, I immersed myself in the literature of abundance thinking and mindset work. For the last three years (give or take), I’ve explored this area of my money life. I wanted to feel positive or at least neutral about business and personal spending.


I did deep dives into podcasts and doing one-on-one with Joan Sotkin of Prosperity Place and The Wealth Clinic. I attended retreats like Rosetta Thurman’s Manifest Your Vision, and I devoured books like Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, Your Money Style, You Are a Badass at Making Money. On top of that I journaled, and I journaled, and I journaled.


And I journaled some more.


I even created this Superpower Bundle to help you dig deeper into your why and emerge with answers that will help you begin to see what life could really be if you just tapped into a smidge of your powers and your greatness.  


Move to Action


Whether it be your money, life, business, or relationships, you have to understand the nuance of your “why.” It’s the heart of your actions and will save a lot of heartache and confusion both in the short term and long term.


Frugal Feministas: What questions have you asked yourself? What answers are you still waiting to hear?

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