The “Thick Girl”Dilemma: How Do I Rock High Waisted Denim Shorts This Summer and Feel Sexy?

by Tamesha Danyelle

Thick Girl Dilemma

This summer, I went shopping exclusively at vintage and thrift stores to create a uniquely[and affordable] aesthetic with my wardrobe. When I looked in my closet, I realized something was missing: a nice pair of denim shorts.

 Yes, DENIM SHORTS. High waisted preferably.

I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to channel my inner Marilyn Monroe while here on the West Coast and apply rouge colors to thick lips as I rocked a fresh pair of cognac colored wedges on a sunny day in Cali. But this has yet to happen. Instead, I’ve shunned my own permission to be what most would consider “sexy” in a pair of high waisted shorts, simply because of my thighs. Thighs that lacked the definition both I and a long awaited gym membership had neglected.

While sifting through a few notable fashion blogs and a couple Instagram profiles, I noticed that denim shorts, primarily high waisted shorts, were becoming a popular trend. But these weren’t just being worn on Nia Long-esque bodies with legs like Rihanna. No. These were girls with thick thighs, curvaceous bodies, and “plus size” tendencies with no shame. And I loved it! That’s when I said to myself that I needed to get over my own insecurity of showing “more than a little leg”, and embrace every flaw that was etched on my 5’8, 160 pound frame. Besides, as De La Soul had termed: “It’s nothin’ but a little baby phat!”

After buying my first pair of high waisted, denim shorts last week at my favorite vintage store, I went home and got to work envisioning what items I wanted to pair with my newly found treasure. Since I completely transformed my entire wardrobe and closet this season, I started coming up with creative ways to rock my shorts to embody everything sexy, edgy, chic, and trendy. Here’s 5 different ways I came up with (and highly recommend trying):

An Oversized Blazer: I’m a sucker for a good oversized blazer, and what better way to accentuate your style (and high waisted shorts) than throwing adding this to the mix. It also gives it a retro feel, especially if you’re wanting to tone down the sexy.

Sheer Black Leggings: If you’re looking to up the edge, then what better way to bring out your inner “rocker” child, than to throw on a pair of sheer black leggings under your high waisted denim shorts. Just make sure you get as close to sheer as possible.

Pointy Toe Heels: Just refer to Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” video. Simple, sexy, and gave every chick with curves a reason to rejoice!

 A Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket: If you really want to stand out, and up the edge, a black leather motorcycle jacket is perfect! Pair it with a white v-neck t-shirt and throw in the sheer black leggings under your denim high waisted jeans, and MAGIC. A red rouge lip like MAC’s “Russian Red” or “Lady Danger” can easily add a little sex appeal, and every guy chasing after you!

 A Denim Shirt: Why not pair a denim shirt with denim high waisted shorts? Not only are denim shirts the new trend and can be worn with almost everything, it’s a great way to contrast denim, while giving your high waisted shorts a chic new look.

 So for every girl out there needing a new way to rock high waisted denim shorts, or perhaps feeling like a little “thickness” is stopping you from baring a little thigh this summer, own your curves, and step out in style unapologetically.

So,Frugalistas, what are your thoughts on wearing high waisted denim shorts with a little extra? What ways have you rocked a pair, and how did you feel? 

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  1. Great style and article! I love matching high waisted joints w/ an oversized blazer!

    Thanks for giving the sistas that are thick in the thighs great style ideas!

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