The Ultimate 30-Day Action Plan for Black Women to Fix Their Finances Fast

If you’ve been rocking with me for at least the last month, you know that I’ve been going hard on spreading the financial gospel during (Black) Women’s History Month.  On March 18th, there was so much love, fellowship, and transformation happening at Sister’s Uptown Bookstore.

It was my first LIVE event and the official book launch of Unmasking The Strong Black Woman. (yes! yes! yes!)

It was not only sold out, but it was lit.

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Imagine this. 55 brown women taking a Saturday to master their money, recommit to their goals, and fight for their happiness.

It was magic.

It happened.



In addition to inspiring and informing, I wanted our Financial Feministas to leave with a 30-Day action plan.

Head over to Madame Noire to figure out what you can do in the next 30 days to get your money right.

Saving your money and budgeting correctly are two of the foundational tasks needed to take control of your finances.  If you need additional support, I invite you to check out my budgeting course and my savings course.

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