The Year of Finding My Stride:  2012 in Review

Rosetta, founder of  Happy Black Woman , a phenomenal blog dedicated to inspiring women to live their ideal lives crafted a series of questions to prompt reflection on 2012 and planning for 2013. They were thoughtful questions and I thought I would share my responses with you.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned this year?

How to stand up for myself. For the past two years, I had been experiencing a lot of stress at work until things got so bad health-wise that I had to fight back. I had to confront a co-worker and once I did, everything changed. That co-worker no longer bothered me and a regained some of the self-respect that I lost for myself. I learned to establish boundaries and honor the boundaries that I set. I have not regretted it since.


What was the biggest milestone that you reached this year in your relationships, health, finances, education, and/or lifestyle?

One of the biggest milestones for me this year was getting married. My husband both supports me and stretches me. I never really thought that I would ever get married. It was not a priority for me, but once I decided to marry, I also decided that our marriage would be what we both wanted, not what others expected.  In terms of finances, I finally became debt-free, paying off the last of my student loans and credit card debt. (Yum!) It feels good to know that whatever I earn from this year forward will be mine. My biggest lifestyle milestone was my decision to leave work on time so I can have time for my family and my blog.

What professional accomplishments (at work or in your business) were you most proud of this year?

My biggest professional accomplishment this year was following my passion to start this  blog. Since starting this blog, I have put myself out there and have been able to guest blog on sites that I respect. My love of women’s financial empowerment and support led me to interview up-and-coming and game-changing women in their respective fields to inform and inspire all of us to strive for our personal best. Watch out for a Friday segment called Dream Girls on Fabulous N’ Frugal for 2013.

What was your favorite family/friends moment from 2012?

X-mas. My mother cooked too much. My brother and I played like we are kids again and my mom fell asleep in her chair before 9pm.

What was the best book/blog/song/movie/restaurant/city/country/etc. you discovered this year?

Best book: Valorie Burton’s Successful Women Think Differently. Best Blog: www.happyblackwoman.com .

Which personal development area(s) did you make the LEAST progress on this year: health, finances, education, relationships, family, work and/or lifestyle?

Relationships. I kind of stick to myself, inside my head, and in my thoughts. I want to make an effort to be more social and do more volunteer work. It’s great to be self-aware but I also like to be part of some community.

What promises (to yourself or others) did you break in 2012?

I really did not have this issue.

What arguments/gossip/hurtful comments, if any, did you participate in or make this year that you wish you could take back and/or apologize for?

If anything, I needed to have MORE arguments to put things out there.

What opportunities, if any, did you miss out on in 2012 because of fear or procrastination?

Great question. I think I missed out on a less stressful life because I took so long to speak my mind.

What did you do in 2012, if anything, that was out of alignment with your values?

Working too much and not creating a boundary between work time and my time. Too busy being a credit to my race instead of happy.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your annual review! And congrats on getting married! I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2013 =)

  2. Thank you so much. 🙂 I am wishing the same.

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