To be a Happy Black Woman. Now, that’s a RADICAL concept.

It is almost blasphemous, but I will say it anyway. And if you want, I’ma make a t-shirt out of it. “I’d much rather be happy than be a credit to my race and gender.” There. I said it.

Some say that’s RADICAL. I say it’s self-preservation and common sense.

Young black girls are raised and groomed to be ambitious, savvy, all-knowing, and all-doing caretakers, moneymakers, and beacons of service.We are taught that we have to lift as we climb—our men are depending on us, our children are depending on us, and the elderly are depending on us.

So what happens when all eyes are on you and so many place their lives into your hands? You take what was in your hands and put to the side to be in service to everyone but yourself. You let your life be led by others. Your self-concept gets wrapped up in how quickly and quietly you are able to please, problem-solve, and pamper.

I spent a lot of my time in high school and college living up to others’ expectations of what a bright black girl should do and be; instead of realizing that what they wanted for my life and what I wanted for my life were two different things. And that my opinions TRUMP everyone else’s.

It took some time, but I packed up the black woman martyr/mother-of-the-earth suit, boots, and cape. In my life now, I don’t need a costume or mask to languish behind or under. I arrive to situations as myself, not a representative.

I strive for connection to my humanity. I strive for happiness. I strive for connection to the people, activities, and things that bring me joy.

I was asked by my blogger friend Christine St. Vil over at MomsNCharge to be a RADICAL ambassador to get the word out about the 6th Annual Get Radical Women’s Conference from March 21-23rd, where they will be speaking about living your best life. This is my first time and I am super stoked to be a part of this feminista movement.

If you want to find out more about the conference, the speakers, and all that it has to offer, you can sign-in and receive 3 FREE training videos. To get the videos, click here.

If you know that you are READY for RADICAL RECONSTRUCTION, click here to register for the conference! 🙂  

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