Top Ten Things We All Should Be Thankful For

black-woman-writing-pfIf you’re on social media, chances are you’ve seen the trending topic “Thankful November” where the challenge is to find something to be thankful for every day of the month. As the month wraps up and the holiday season officially starts tomorrow on Thanksgiving, here is my list of the top 10 things we should all be happy for all year round.

  1. Family and Friends – We may not all have the best relationships with our families, but we still need to be glad we have them – even if just for a sense of belonging. That sentiment applies to not only the family we were born into but the one we create through the friends we choose. So many people have no one at all that relates to their lineage, or their lives.
  2. Our Enemies and Those Who Challenge Us – Those who seem to be against us teach us about ourselves: who we are, and almost more importantly, who we want to be. Having enemies can teach you about the virtue in being patient, courageous, and understanding. The next time someone throws a stone at you, say ‘hi hater’. It only means that you are truly living life.
  3. Mind and Body – With the stress of everyday life, you may often feel like you are losing your mind (especially this time of year). But truly, without your mind, you would have nothing. And without a functioning body, life would be so much more difficult, possibly with severely limited options. Love and appreciate your body, no matter its size or shape. Fuel your mind and body with proper nutrition, rest, and exercise. Care for them accordingly and use them to the best of your ability.
  4. Loving and Learning – The ability to love is what makes us grow. True, it can lead us to heartache, but I believe it is worth it to have experienced it at all. Love can teach us deep lessons about ourselves and about others. And learning is essential to a happy and fulfilled life. Teach yourself as much as you can: the more you open your mind to learn, the greater an experienced life will become.
  5. Health and Wellbeing – If you are in good health, this is truly something to be thankful for every single day. Countless people are ill or suffering. Your health is an immeasurable gift and it’s one I deeply believe should not be taken for granted. Things can change quickly and unexpectedly. So be active and adventurous, and take advantage of being able to do so. There are many advances and tools that we can also be thankful for, that help us with our adventures, technology that we have access to such as no glare glasses and medicines that can keep us in good health. 
  6. Mistakes – I believe that mistakes are simply lessons learned and opportunities to improve ourselves. Without our mistakes, we would have no failures by which to measure our future success. So be thankful for all of your shortcomings and what they have taught you in the end.
  7. Disappointment – Appreciate the things that have disappointed you in the past. These are the lessons that will teach you how to identify what matters most in the future. Disappointment and let down also help us to enjoy the success that much more.
  8. Choices – Having choices is a remarkable privilege. In life, you have the choice to stay or go, to decide who to allow into your life, how you want to live, and what you want to do. Our possibilities are endless and our life is only limited by the choices we make.
  9. Challenges – A good challenge is like a healthy workout. It makes you strong, teaches you about yourself, and forces you to push your limits. Challenges cause us to grow, so we should be thankful for that growth and forward movement.
  10. Last But Not Least: Laughter – Laugh loud and often. Even if the only thing that brings a tickle to your lips on any given day is your favorite ratchet reality show, laugh unabashedly. It truly is the best medicine. Be thankful you have reasons to laugh, people to laugh with, and the ability to do it at all.

Happy Thanksgiving Frugalistas!!

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