Top Ways To Look After Yourself

Looking after yourself is something a lot of people forget to do. It is however very important for our health, well-being and mental state. People do go through all sorts of life and may need to make big or small changes depending on their circumstances, from eating less if they emotionally eat or going to rehab if they have issues with addiction. 

Say no to other people and yes to taking care of yourself

Many of us feel compelled to say yes when someone asks for our time or energy because it is really difficult to say no. However, accepting invitations from family members or coworkers when you’re already stressed or overworked might cause burnout, anxiety, and anger. It might take some effort, but if you master the skill of saying “no,” you’ll begin to feel more self-assured and have more time for your own needs.

Be more reflective 

Put your phone aside so that you may concentrate on the present, even while you’re eating. Being mindful enables you to take in both what you are doing and what you have already done. You know you weren’t being mindful if you can’t recall what you ate at this time last day.

Social media 

Social media, like it or not, is here to stay. Be careful not to waste time or engage in harmful comparisons with those flawless social media feeds. Add up the time you spend pursuing other people’s lives and perhaps use that time working on your own.

Spend time in nature 

Humans were not created to spend the entire day cooped up indoors, tethered to a desk, and gazing at a screen. However, it’s simple to get into this routine, especially if you live somewhere where it’s frequently rainy or overcast. It allows you to breathe in fresh air while giving your eyes a break and assisting in waking up your complete body. Get outside as much as you can if you have a garden. If you work from home, take a lunchtime stroll through your neighbourhood park to break up the day. You might even want to consider exercising outside (running, cycling, swimming, taking an outdoor yoga class, or a PT session).

Get Enough Sleep 

Yes, this is necessary for human survival, but it is also crucial for self-care. In order to function at our best, we require a specific quantity of sleep. Additionally, maintaining an unsustainable sleep pattern would include staying up until two in the morning browsing Instagram and waking up at six to get ready to go to work

Exercise each day 

Every age, from infants to seniors, should engage in daily exercise, so it’s critical to develop a routine you can stick with. For instance, it could be challenging to maintain an energetic routine every day. To vary your degree of activity, try workouts like swimming, yoga, and walking/running, which can all be altered to suit your schedule and physical requirements. Making a workout regimen that works for you can benefit you physically and emotionally, improve your mood, and relieve tension and worry.


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