What do you want your life to look like 6 months from now?

4So, I subscribe to Rosetta Thurman’s Happy Black Woman newsletter. If you don’t know her, you should; she is AMAZING and very inspiring. With trainings and tools, she helps black women live their ideal lives.

One of the emails that she sent recently had me thinking. She asked, “Where do you want to be in the next 6 months?”

“Hmmmm,” I thought, “what a great question.”

My short-list answers to that question is:
1) I want to finish the two books that I’ve been working on this year. (Unmasking the Strong Black Woman in July/August and Don’t Let Him Touch Your Assets in November/December)
2) I want to transition to veganism but make 70% vegetarianism my goal by January 1, 2016
3) move into a co-op or condo because NYC rent is mad disrespectful. (October 2015)

Sidenote: I’ll be sharing all of the details about the aforementioned so don’t worry and don’t feel like I’m keeping you out of the loop. All of these goals have a money bottom line which I’ll talk about…at length…TRUST.

But back to you.

I pose that same question to you but from a financial freedom and juicy living perspective because that is what this tribe is for.


We have (less than) 6 months left in 2015 and I have to ask you, “Where do you want to see you and your MONEY in the next six months?”

Can you whip those answers out all quick and dirty the way I just did with a loose timeline as well?

If your answer is “no”, that’s fine but I implore you to start thinking about your financial goals and how to reach them before you are scratching your head and avoiding your bills for YET another year.

In this tribe, we want progress and happiness.

So, last night, I was toying between the idea of having another ebook bundle sale or not.

I JUST had one in mid-June (and the response was AMAZING), so I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys.

But the ebook bundle can help you get financial clarity; it gives you straightforward suggestions on how to save more, eliminate debt, and become way more mindful and reflective on how you spend.

Here’s the rundown.

  • 32 Questions to Move Your Money Mindset from Flawed to Flawless
  • A Sistergirl’s Guide to Making Multiple Streams of Income: 20+ Ways to Make Extra Money So You Can Demolish Debt and Get On with Your Juicy Life
  • The $20 Cash Crash Diet: Kick Your Spending Habit, Build Your Emergency Fund From Scratch, & Get Right With Your Money in Just 5 Days

And since it’s a holiday weekend…you know I’ve giving you the sale price. $4.99 for three ebooks. (You can check the sidebars of the site and see the regular prices.)

If you do celebrate July 4th (I know that some of us don’t especially under the current racial climate in which we are immersed), then before you head out and chat and chew and celebrate the country’s independence,  start thinking about your financial independence and what you need to do to achieve it.

Grab this ebook bundle and start today with 32 Questions to Move Your Money Mindset from Flawed to Flawless.  It poses powerful questions that really make you think about your relationship with money in the same way that Rosetta had me thinking about my goals and use of time.

Once you start reflecting, you are going to want to start doing. That’s where  A Sistergirl’s Guide to Making Multiple Streams of Income comes in.

This workbook gives you twenty ways to earn money. You don’t have to do all of them at the same time. (Actually, I encourage you not to. That’s too much). Just pick a handful and stick with them.

Sunday rest and read up on how to have a successful $20 Cash Crash Diet.

And on Monday, start it.

Yes, this IS possible. Yes, you CAN regain your financial independence with baby steps.  Yes, you can make the last 6 months of the year leave the first six in the dust. 🙂 Yes, a little elbow grease and grit can empower you to create the emergency fund, the peace of mind, and the financial future that you want.


[info_box type=”alert_box”]If you want to practice self-care, you have to care for your finances.  My book, The Happy Finances Challenge, is designed to help you learn to make money decisions that will lead to long-term financial happiness in just 42 days. [/info_box]

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