What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Financial Prowess?

Many of our spending habits are influenced by our upbringing. If you were brought up in a household that counted every penny, you may find yourself monitoring your cash flow and being very cautious with your investments as you get older. If you grew up in a house full of spendthrifts, you may carry on that tradition by “treating yourself” quite a bit.

While early spending habits may play a role in the current state of your financial health, your zodiac sign may also be a factor in your financial prowess. Some zodiac signs are better than others at conserving cash or making smart investments. Others are a bit more free with their spending. Take a look and see where you fall in the astrological spectrum!


Aries balances intellect with a wild streak — which seems to apply to this sign’s financial prowess. Aries is the sign most likely to save a substantial pile of cash, and then proceed to spend it freely. This sign typically puts limitations on themselves, not allowing their bank balance to dip below a certain level no matter how wild their spending spree may be.


Taurus’s love of the finer things in life makes this astrological sign the spendthrift of the zodiac. Not only does Taurus love luxury, their generous nature makes it easy for them to plunk down some serious coin to give loved ones extravagant gifts, too. “Share the wealth” is Taurus’s motto. While Taurus certainly spends hard, they work hard, too — earning every penny they make and spend!


The financial health of Gemini is as unpredictable as this astrological sign itself. Gemini has the ability to save a tidy pile of cash without ever being tempted to spend it on something unimportant. While you may not find Gemini squandering their money on knick-knacks or trivial goods, Gemini is prone to gambling with their cash. Whether it’s playing the stock market, hitting the casino, or engaging in a game of cards, some of history’s biggest risk takers — such as Donald Trump and Wild West-era gunslinger / gambler Wild Bill Hickok — were born under the sign of Gemini.


Despite being ruled by the moon and affected by shifting tides, Cancer is actually pretty even-keel when it comes to their financial health. They save quite regularly and spend on just the essentials. When Cancer does open their wallet, they do it with travel in mind. Whether it’s a road trip or an exotic vacation, frugal Cancer enjoys using their savings to see the world.


This driven sign will discipline themselves to save for a big ticket item and have zero guilt about making the big purchase once they’ve saved enough. When it comes to financial prowess, Leo is the king of the astrological jungle and unparalleled in their ability to budget, save, spend, and bargain hunt — all while still looking like a million dollars. Homemaking mogul Martha Stewart is a shining example of Leo’s entrepreneurial spirit and well-balanced sense of saving and spending.


In terms of finances, Virgo tends to err on the side of frugality, knowing how to pinch a penny until it screams. Virgo has very few vices that put a drain on their wallets, limiting themselves to one “treat” per month. Virgo can be a bit of a foodie (coincidentally, this astrological sign actually rules the stomach and intestinal organs), and often, their “big treat” involves a delicious gourmet meal. Cerebral and outgoing, Virgo does very well with real estate — whether it’s selling real estate, investment properties, flipping houses, or acting as a landlord / landlady.


Libra, represented by the scales, takes a very balanced approach to their finances: Spend a little, save a little. Libra is always saving for a rainy day, but also knows when it’s time to take a step back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Libra has a wild side and loves to use their finances to bankroll their next adventure and drag a loved one along with them on their journey. Like fellow air sign Gemini, Libra is a calculated risk taker, and like Taurus — also ruled by the Venus, Libra’s planetary influence — this astrological sign enjoys using their savings to orchestrate surprises for their special someone.


The always-intriguing Scorpio always has money on his or her mind. Saving isn’t necessarily Scorpio’s strong suit. However, their inventive minds make them financial wizards when it comes to get-rich-quick schemes, or using their keen sense of analysis and preternatural intuition to observe market trends and make a few quick wins.


Sagittarius has a strong work ethic and zero qualms about rolling up his or her sleeves and putting in a hard day’s work. This fire sign is passionate about what they do for a living. They spend judiciously,purchasing items of quality or great usefulness. The financial health of Sagittarius is typically good since they are quite good at socking away a sizeable amount of cash and make careful spending choices.


Grounded earth sign Capricorn is almost always financially well-off. They save smart and spend smart, thinking before they leap. The words “impulse purchase” do not exist in Capricorn’s vocabulary. They do, however, have a love of luxury and will not hesitate to drop some dough on a tasteful item of apparel or furniture. Capricorn is a hard worker with a sense of community responsibility and a strong, charitable streak.


Aquarius has the rare quality of being a visionary and an entrepreneur. Don’t let their dreamy, poetic side fool you: Aquarius has a way to take their passion and carve out not just a career for themselves, but to create opportunities around them for others, too. This sign can make and stockpile money like Ebenezer Scrooge, but they also happen to be very generous with those around them. Oprah Winfrey exemplifies this generous, entrepreneurial aspect of Aquarius — taking her drive, ambition, and love for sharing with others to form a media empire.


When Pisces puts their mind to it, this zodiac sign has the potential to amass a sizeable amount of cash. However, this “go with the flow” sign is prone to impulse shopping. Of all of the zodiac signs, Pisces is the one that may benefit the most from a financial advisor. Given some direction, they can learn to rein in their spending habits and create a small fortune / tidy retirement fund for themselves.

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