What Was Mimi Thinking? Is MiMi Working Too Hard for the Money?

23By now most of us have heard of the MiMi and Nikko sex tape. The one that the reality starlet is reportedly trying to pass off as a home video that was leaked, when there is obviously some high quality film production taking place there (along with some acrobatics that are equally impressive). As you might expect, MiMi, unlike her male co-star (that subject deserves an entire post of its own), has received a lot of backlash because of the tape. It also appears that as a result of the tape, in addition to the backlash, she’ll be making a lot of money.

Coincidentally, the MiMi story comes to light around the same time I realized that one of my cousins just married a guy who may be making at least some of his money on the other side of the law. My brand new cousin-in-law has, in fact, done time in the past for his endeavors. I heard this news through another family member who happened upon the information doing a random Google search. Neither of us has mentioned it to my cousin. So we’re unsure if she even knows. My other family member noted that in this day and age, it’s very likely that anyone dating someone new is going to search them online themselves. So there is a very good chance that my cousin does know about her husband and his money making schemes.

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These two completely unrelated incidences cause me to wonder: to what end will we go to live a luxurious lifestyle? By most reports, MiMi had a successful cleaning business which she was running independently before she even got on television. And when you add in the reality TV check, you have wonder if the money from this video was cash she felt she needed or if it was just the desire to add to a life of extravagance.  I could pose the same question about my cousin. She is gainfully employed, and she lived a comfortable lifestyle as a single woman. So why the disregard of morals, discretion and possibly even the law?

We all know how important it is to have enough money. You come to this site to find ways to financially empower yourself. Being financially responsible and secure is no doubt important. But how much is enough? At what point do women like MiMi and my cousin decide they are stable enough? When do we choose dignity over dollars? In our quest for financial independence, there needs to be a line in the sand somewhere, I believe. Now, I may be incorrect in assuming that MiMi chose to make that tape solely for the money. Maybe she did it to get her freak on or extend her 15 minutes of fame. And my cousin may not be overlooking the status of her new husband just because she wants to get her hands on that money. Maybe she’s just deep in love and chooses to see past the shadiness of his dealings. But even if that’s true, both women are definitely reaping the benefits of the money that’s coming in. So I ask you, is that okay?

How much is too much in the pursuit of the almighty dollar?

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