It’s a New Year and I hope you’re on the verge of having a happy one!


Christmas was last week and it twas the season for giving, as they say. But let’s be honest – with all the hustle and bustle, crowds and demands of the season, all this giving might have given you a headache. Well there’s good news!  It’s actually a widely known fact that giving is good for you!  It’s true. It may sound counter-intuitive, what with all the expense and crowded stores, but when you consciously choose to be selfish or ‘stingy’ can be linked to with higher levels of stress hormones.  I want you to keep this in mind as you start your 2014. In addition to taking care of yourself financially, think about throwing some philanthropy in the mix –within your budget of course. When making the choice to be generous or philanthropic can be rewarding and self fulfilling. Knowing that you are bringing happiness to someone other than yourself can bring just as much happiness to yourself. So focus on the joy that your gifts bring to others all year and let that be your reward.

I don’t want to keep you from family time; I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that although the holidays can be stressful, there is a benefit to giving. The smiles that light up faces, the joy in reminding that special someone that they are loved, or the unexpected happiness you bring to someone who wasn’t expecting anything at all. And although we all know that gift giving is not the true reason for the season, it can still be very lovely. So enjoy all of the fruits of your labor and let yourself feel truly grateful for the gifts you will receive in this new year, no matter how big or small – and have a very fruitful New Year!

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