Which of These 4 Interior Design Styles Best Describes You?

And we are back with Part II of the Inspired Series sponsored by Go Haus. If you missed Part I, The ABCs of Designing a Small Space on a Tight Budget, please go back and read up. 

I really love today’s post, Which of These 4 Interior Design Styles Best Describes You? I believe I’m a cross between vintage eclectic and cozy casual. I think they reflect warmth, depth, comfort and durability, which are qualities I embody and aspire to. What about you? Leave a comment below and say why. 

And sidenote: Pay attention to the use of interior design language and industry specific vocabulary in this piece. I feel like I could actually have an intelligent conversation about design with an interior decorator after reading this post, which is always great. 


Defining interior decorating styles can be a daunting task, especially given the fact that today’s décor styles feature a combination or blend of multiple styles. Defining a conventional interior design style is old news, and executing a blended, modern style isn’t as hard as it sounds! [bctt tweet=”Defining a conventional interior design style is old news.” username=”frugalfeminista”]

The hardest part is clearly defining a name or pinning an exact design to a blended style. If you usually have a hard time defining your own interior decorating style to your friends, family, or guests …. look no further. Below is a detailed discussion to help you define the most popular blended interior decorating styles today.

  1. Modern modern

    image source = GoHaus White Oak Flooring

A modern graphic style is fresh, fun and contemporary. The style combines urban styling with mid-century design and colorful/edgy elements. The bold patterns and accents featured in a modern graphic interior design style are balanced by simple furniture. If you love simple furniture (featuring clean lines) coupled with bold colors and patterns, this design style is for you. Look for mid-century modern furniture in bold colors from new age companies like Joybird.

Boxy upholstery with skirt less bases and plain legs work best. In regards to patterns and accessories, modern graphic interiors feature geometric or abstract patterns as well as pop art-inspired accessories, lacquered finishes and a blend of woods (both light and dark). This design style looks best on top of natural hardwood flooring. Look for unstained or natural looking species like white oak, maple or acacia hardwood floors.

  1. Cozy Casual

This is another popular blended interior decorating style today. A cozy casual interior design style mixes English and early American furniture designs to create a warm relaxing traditional look. Cozy causal interiors also feature farmhouse, cottage and laid-back country styles. This style is perfect for the laid back lifestyle as it centers around weathered low-maintenance furnishings.


image source = iDesignArch

Notable features of cozy casual interiors include; plush upholstery which is often slip-covered using role or square arms as well as skirts or ball feet. Tables are usually indestructible i.e. featuring trestles, turned legs or substantial pedestal bases. Finishes are distressed or feature warm rustic wood tones, fabrics are natural (i.e. cotton and wool) and textures are either solid featuring simple stripes or simple floral designs with muted colors.

  1. Sophisticated Classic

You have a sophisticated classic interior design style if you fancy elegant blends of traditional furniture with pale hues and jewelry-like accessories. When you pair up clean art décor shapes with Patrician old-world elements, you get a sophisticated classic interior that looks more formal than traditional.

A sophisticated classic interior features a palette of soft or neutral colors, delicate traditional furniture pieces featuring feminine lines as well as tapered legs. The style also features grand chandeliers, luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk, luxe accent materials including marble, glass and metal), rich dark woods and symmetrical floor plans.

  1. Vintage Eclectic

This decorating style stands out as one of the most popular blended vintage interior decorating styles today. A vintage eclectic interior features a combination of flea-market finds and vintage furniture designs ranging from Victorian to 18th century French pieces as well as a vast collection of artwork and accessories. The style boasts handmade or timeworn textiles, dusty colors and collectibles that create a seemingly old, lived-in atmosphere.


image source = IraStar

Some of the main features of a vintage eclectic interior include furniture featuring shapely feminine silhouettes with weathered finishes and intricate detailing paired with a mixture of fabrics on upholstery, pillows and window treatments. Fabrics include paisleys, jacquards, folk motifs, botanicals, ethnic tapestries and florals. The style must feature antique and vintage elements like timeless art pieces and classic, decorative accents. In regards to tones/color and lighting, vintage eclectic interiors feature jewel tones blended with chalky shaded, embellished lamps and crystal chandeliers.


These are the most popular blended interior decorating styles today. The old age of defining your interior decorating style with the basic modern, traditional, contemporary, or rustic is long gone.

In today’s day and age interior designers are using these blended styles to create a more unique and individual décor and look. [bctt tweet=”Use blended styles to create fresh, unique, and  modern looks.” username=”frugalfeminista”]Knowing what defines these styles will help you execute whatever look you are looking for and help you decorate down to the smallest accessory!

Learn more about how Go Haus can help you define your interior design style. 

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