Why I’m Overcoming My Shame

I have a secret to reveal.

It’s taken a while, but I’m no longer ashamed to share this about myself.

I used to hate the way my voice sounds on podcasts- sometimes I still do- because I think it sounds funny! Like a 5-year old prodigy when I’m damn near 40 lol.

But I’ve gotta get over that.

I have to move outside of my comfort zone…

… listen to the message hidden behind my shame.

I need to showcase the interviews I’ve been on.


Because I believe there is value in them that will help you on your journey.

In light of that belief, I will be highlighting some of my past podcasts here on the site over the next few weeks. You’ll get to know another side of me that is different from the 1500-word articles that you already know me from.

And I hope it helps you to overcome your own shame, however big or small.

Because I believe that there is something valuable that only you can say, and I don’t want shame to keep you silent, either!

So here’s the first one:


I did this interview with Whitney Hansen at TheMoneyNerds.com. It was a great time!

This interview is all about my story of paying off $40,000 in 2 years,  why I focus on women and money, micro-financing, how I used CLEP exams to increase my income,  hilarious hacks I used to help pay off debt, cultivating the right money mindset, questions to ask yourself to dig into your underlying beliefs, and tons of money advice!

If you haven’t listened to this one, I highly recommend it. Look ahead to another podcast coming up in the next few weeks!



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