Why You Must Increase Your Financial Self-Awareness To Slay Your Financial Goals

27Hey Mr. DJ

Ever hear a song that you don’t really like on the radio, but because they play it so often, it kind of gets stuck in your head?

We all have. It’s definitely annoying,  but there is no real harm in having a corny song take up some temporary head space before being soon forgotten.

But when it comes to money, a lot of us are walking around with a set of thoughts and beliefs about money on repeat, as if a playlist on a constant loop. And truth be told, the lyrics of this money playlist are really keeping us from having the financial lives of our dreams. Our financial lives of abundance and prosperity. Whether it be the goal of sexy credit, a super fat emergency fund, minimal debt, home ownership, a competitive salary, ample retirement, a diversified portfolio, a side hustle, or side-hustle turned full-time hustle, our thoughts and beliefs are informing the actions that we take to either propel us toward these financial ideals or sabotage our efforts and keep us in a state of constant fear, angst, disappointment, and self-blame, frustration, and shame.

How many times have you caught yourself humming the tune, “I Ain’t Never Going to Get Out of Debt, So I Might As Well Buy Me Them Cute _________(fill in the blank)”? How many times has the base and volume of that song, “I Work Hard, I Deserve It!” reached surround-sound levels when you buy something expensive that you don’t really need and cannot afford? Does the ballad “I’m Just Not Good With Money!” give you some type of comfort when you give-up on making positive change when it gets too hard.“Nobody Is Going To Pay Me That Much, So Why Bother?” when you decide not to apply for the job that you want and my favorite, “Image Is Everything So I Gotta________(fill in the blank)”, or “White Folk Be Hogging All The Money”

 This is the Remix

If we keep these songs in heavy rotation, we will not have any room to add new, more empowering songs to the mix. We need to get rid of those old, tired tracks and replace them with type of songs that will encourage and inspire us to be our better financial self. So before we can even get to making some real boss moves in the way of making manifest our financial goals, we have a little internal housekeeping to do. A Soul sweep of sorts. We need to go deep to reflect in order to a clear picture about how we feel about money, what we think about money, and why we do so in order to uncover the link between our thoughts, beliefs, and the state of our finances and how we interact with our money.

If you’re waiting for a sign that it’s time to make a change, consider this it. Money Therapy may be just what you need to break through your financial blocks and release your money guilt and shame.   

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