You Need to Write A Mission Statement for Your Life! Here’s How!

painting-black-woman-hugging-loving-herself-e1308138308417Mission statements answer the question of what the purpose of your life is… why you exist. In business, mission statements are used to keep the business focused. Employees can refer to it as a reference point for what they are supposed to be doing. It drives. In addition, it helps to plan. It accomplishes this, as things that are not relevant to the reason for their existence are not pursued.

Personal mission statements accomplish the same thing. It identifies one’s purpose and briefly states the way in which the accomplishment of this purpose will be pursued. In essence, it answers the question of what you do, how you do it and why you do it. It should be no more than a few sentences. It should be easily understood, and you should be able to recite it.

The following processes will help you in writing this.

Using your journal–over several days–think about the following things…

In these processes you are encouraged to think expansively! Dream so big it seems laughable!

a) What are you passionate about? What are the things that excite you, and/or leave you with a great sense of accomplishment? Think about these things for a while.

b) Be as specific as possible. For example, styling hair may be as specific as it gets for you. However, for another person it might be, styling hair and making people feel beautiful at reasonable prices, would more accurately describe their passion.

c) Write your mission statement At this point you should have a few short phrases that describe the things that you are passionate about, would like to do with your life and believe may be your purpose. Review the list and ask yourself whether or not there are things on this list that you like to do, but might not be driving passions of your life? If they do not meet the criteria, cross them off the list. Continue to be mindful of themes that exist among the things listed.

Are there any things on your list that may be truncated? Is there a statement that can be made that encompasses as many of these things as possible? For example, the mission statement for my life reads: To create opportunities for and remove impediments to individuals ability to self-actualize. This statement encompasses all that I want to do in life. I want to write books, teach psychology, develop programs in the community (American inner cities as well as abroad), be a psychological researcher; be a part of make cultural psychology more mainstream, inspire people to live their dreams, life coach, continue to be an individual/group therapist, etc.

Though, it may not be apparent to the observer, I am aware that the motivation behind all the things that I have listed is that I really enjoying helping people to live their dreams (aka self actualize). This applies in any context whether it is among my peers, with my child, extended family, in the school context, the creation of my women’s group, etc.

After you have come up with a phrase that encompasses everything that you desire to do, write it down. Ask yourself:

  1. * Does this statement encompass all the things that I want to do?
  2. * Does it describe your reason for existence?
  3. * Does it describe how you will do it?
  4. * Does it describe why?
  5. * Is it easily recited?
  6. * Is it able to be understood by a 12 year old?

Take time to make sure all these things are attended to in your mission statement. Then write your mission statement.

Frugulaistas have any of you written a personal mission statement, or something similar, before. Share in the comment section below. 

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