Your Why Is More Important Than Money
8Imagine you’ve been working very hard on a project or business in order to make a difference and earn more money (professionals stick with me, the lesson is for you too). You’ve put in years of work, blood, sweat, and tears. You just made a move that has made you millions and will continue to make millions more and … you’re not happy.
I just read an article about Jack Ma, the founder of the popular ecommerce site Alibaba. The company provides products for manufacturers and suppliers. It’s well visited by entrepreneurs. Well the company recently went public, it IPO’d (initial public offer) in September. That means it sold it’s first stock as a public company. The company made millions …and the founder Jack Ma was unhappy. Your first thought might be “what, why?” Why is the key word.
When you started your business or project, accepted a raise, moved departments … you had a specific reason. Maybe financial freedom, ability to serve and make a positive impact, etc. Your why is what’s most important not the amount of money.Jack Ma stated that he was unhappy because the reason he started was to be a respected businessman and to be himself. He is unhappy because he felt that people look at him differently and want to be around him because of the money not because of who he is. He felt it moved away from his why.The fact that you’re increasing your financial literacy and business acumen shows you’re serious about growing your money and building wealth. Whatever your why is, remember to stay true to it as you climb, as you build. Money isn’t everything. It clearly doesn’t buy happiness. When you move away from your why you will not be happy. What’s your why?

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