Many of us know that the most straightforward way to learn a skill is to pay for college. If you’re serious about learning something, even if it doesn’t involve getting a degree, then using your money to pay for a course is generally considered the best option. You’ll get excellent teachers, plenty of practical experience, and perhaps even a certificate or degree at the end of it.

But that’s not really the most frugal way to approach it. Not everyone needs a course and others prefer to learn in their own time, making a college course a bad option. So what are some frugal ways to learn new skills? In this article, we’ll provide you with 10 ideas no how to study for less.

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  1. YouTube videos

YouTube is quickly becoming the go-to destination for learning a specific skill. Simply search up something and you’re almost guaranteed to find a helpful instructional video.

  1. Blog posts

Blog posts can be incredibly good at teaching you certain skills. There are blogs dedicated to arts and crafts, and there are plenty of cooking blogs that break down recipes.

  1. Online study

Online study can be a much cheaper alternative to traditional education in a college. Online universities such as Kettering can teach you practical skills that will further your career without requiring you to move to a faraway college or spend money traveling each day.

  1. Joining communities

Joining online communities can be a fantastic way to learn from others who are more experienced than you. Alternatively, you can look around for local clubs and meet-ups that also share your passions.

  1. Teach others

Teaching others can be a productive way to help you remember the things you’ve learned while also passing on your knowledge.

  1. Visit the library

Libraries are full of helpful information and you typically don’t need to pay anything to rent a book or even read in the library itself.

  1. Find a mentor

Mentors can be a great source of information. If someone is willing to mentor you for free then it can be a huge boost to your overall knowledge of a topic or skill.

  1. Find courses and information from people that inspire you

There’s a good chance that someone you look up to actually teaches courses. If you’ve been inspired to make music because of a certain musician, then they might have videos online talking about how they play their instruments or how they produce music. These can be a great source of knowledge if available.

  1. Watch live broadcasts

If the skill you want to learn is something creative, then you might be able to watch live broadcasts of people doing it. For instance, there are creative live streams that show people drawing from start to finish, and there are some that show video editing or even music creation.

  1. Just do it

Practical experience is the best kind of experience. If you want to learn something fast, it’s best to just do it. If you want to learn a new language, consider speaking it with people that are native or fluent. Want to learn to draw? Get a pencil and paper and start drawing! Studying can only get you so far so make sure you get practical too.

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