5 Changes I Make in My Wardrobe to Prepare for Fall

13In my quest to get ready for fall, I thought I’d share the 5 things I change in my wardrobe to prepare for the chillier temps:

1) My canvas jacket is totally not going to cut it when the wind starts whipping through my clothes so, I’ll switch it out for my parka or wool peacoat.

2) Scarves are a wardrobe staple of mine. In the summer, I wear gauzy and very lightweight knit scarves. To keep my neck even warmer as the weather gets cooler, I look for wool, cashmere and chunkier knit versions.

3)  While I love my sandals, it’s time to pull out boots – my second favorite shoe option!

4) Bare legs are great for the summer but, I’ll be sporting colorful opaque tights to keep my legs warm during the fall.

5) Cute sundresses and lightweight maxi skirts take a backseat in my closet as I start to wear sweater dresses and the current trend, the scuba dress – made from fabrics like neoprene (scuba suit material) it’s stretchy and warm.

How do you prepare for fall? Are you still holding on to summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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